Portrait of Jennifer Pierce DePoy

Jennifer Pierce DePoy, BSN, RN

Director, Strategic Growth Digital Partnerships

Jenn DePoy is thrilled to join the CSC team after a 10-year career in OBGYN bedside nursing.  Throughout her career, Jenn has become increasingly aware of the need for effective reporting systems and measurable data collection to improve patient outcomes and enhance human connectivity.  She is, in addition to being a nurse, a successful small business owner with a passion for stellar customer service and open communication.  Jenn graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science from Merrimack College and then from Villanova University with a BSN.  She has been able to volunteer extensively in various educational and public health settings in Durban, South Africa and Tijuana, Mexico for the last 20 years.  Jenn spent the first half of her life on the east coast but now calls San Diego, CA home.