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About the Research & Training Institute

Since its inception, the Research & Training Institute (RTI) has become a leading expert in the cancer patient and caregiver experience. The RTI conducts novel psychosocial, behavioral, and survivorship research to advance scientific knowledge, inform policy initiatives, and support development of supportive care programming and education. 

As the demand for patient-centered care grows stronger, there is a related need for research that sheds light on the patient experience. The RTI aims to contribute to the growing body of social, emotional, and behavioral cancer research by focusing on inclusivity, access, and advocacy. Patients and caregivers involved in our research come from communities across the United States and beyond. They represent diverse perspectives on what it means to live with and beyond cancer. 

Key research areas include: 

young white female nurse with black female patient


The RTI draws on the expertise of the RTI Advisory Board, several project-specific advisory Councils as well as a broad range of strategic partnerships with other organizations, academics, and individuals representing the cancer community. The RTI Advisory Board includes members representative of patients, caregivers, health care providers, academic researchers, and others who enable the Institute to capture the full patient experience. Together, we contribute key findings from the patient experience to push the trends in cancer care toward a patient-centered model of care.