Clinical Trials

Cancer clinical trials provide patients with access to new therapies: the next generation of treatment. By joining a trial, you can help move cancer treatment forward and provide real hope for a better future.

In 2015, the Cancer Support Community began an initiative to bring fresh ideas, new language, and new approaches to increasing participation in cancer clinical trials. We aim to provide a range of resources that speak to a diverse population of cancer patients, caregivers, and their healthcare team in a changing environment.

New Docuseries: Justified Medical Mistrust

CSC’s docuseries, “Justified Medical Mistrust: Acknowledging the Past to Change the Future,” addresses a variety of myths, truths, and concerns that Black and African American patients and their caregivers often experience when considering clinical trials as part of their care plan. 

"What keeps me going is life; there's so much joy to be had."

Metastatic breast cancer survivor; from Chile to Chicago to participate in a clinical trial

Peer Clinical Trials Support Program

If you are a Black or African American cancer patient and want one-on-one support to learn more about clinical trials, this program is for you.