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Share Your Story: How Has Cancer Impacted Your Life?

Every single person impacted by cancer has a different story. Your experience can help inform policy makers about what matters most.

Share Your Story

Take Action Now: Virtual Advocacy Day

Join us today, March 4, for Virtual Advocacy Day! This an opportunity to make an impact from home by elevating the voices of people impacted by cancer. Take action today and send a message to the Commissioner of the FDA, asking him to elevate the importance of reporting of Patient Experience Data.

Take Action Now

Share Your Story: Copay Accumulators

We are looking for cancer patients who have experienced high or unexpected out-of-pocket costs due to these policies.

Share Your Story

Nominate Yourself: Advocate Spotlight

There are so many ways to engage in advocacy. If you are active in your community, your state, or across the country, share your advocacy story with us-- you may be featured in the next newsletter!

Nominate Yourself

Your voice is important to help policymakers know what is important to people living with and beyond cancer and their loved ones. Together, we can help ensure that people touched by cancer have access to quality, comprehensive cancer care that includes social and emotional support. Check out some of our current efforts, and take a moment to take action!

Need information? Cancer Support Community provides cancer patients and their loved ones with trusted information on a variety of topics important to people affected by cancer. Frankly Speaking About Cancer information is available through:

  • Print and Digital Booklets
  • CancerEd Online Quick Guides
  • A Weekly Radio Show
  • Online Materials
  • In-person Workshops
  • Webinars

For information on cancer education, visit our Frankly Speaking About Cancer page.