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Help ensure that people impacted by cancer have access to quality, comprehensive cancer care. Learn about opportunities to get involved in our advocacy work & make your voice heard.

Ready to make a difference?

Anyone who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people impacted by cancer can be a cancer advocate. Your voice is critical to help policymakers know what is important to people living with and beyond cancer, and what matters to their loved ones.


Stand Up for Cancer Patients & Survivors

Here are quick & simple actions you can take now to support people impacted by cancer. Send pre-filled letters urging your members of Congress to support legislation in 3 key areas

1. Support Cancer Prevention & Early Detection

An estimated 70% of cancer deaths are attributed to cancers that lack early detection screenings. Join us in advocating to increase access to preventative cancer screenings.

Support efforts to detect cancer earlier & save more lives

Support Our Efforts

Improve access to hereditary cancer genetic testing

Help Us Improve Access

Ensure prostate cancer screening is accessible for high-risk men

Support Our Efforts

2. Protect Access to Needed Care

Efficient access to essential cancer care saves lives and decreases burdens placed on patients and their community. Join us in advocating to protect and expand access to care.

Support timely access to treatment

Support Safe Step Act

Help ensure lower patient copays

Help Lower Copays

Ensure cancer treatment is affordable

Support Affordable Cancer Treatment

Help combat anti-microbial resistance

Combat Anti-microbial Resistance

3. Improve Care Coverage

Every person deserves access to quality & affordable care. Join us in advocating to improve lives and increase care coverage for survivors, caregivers & vulnerable populations.

Support the health and unmet needs of cancer survivors

Support the Survivorship Act

Protect healthcare for seniors & people with disabilities

Help Protect Healthcare

Ensure telehealth services are available to all who need them

Support Telehealth

Learn About Cancer Advocacy

Cancer advocates work to educate the community and policymakers on important issues that affect people impacted by cancer. Watch these videos for an introduction to grassroots advocacy and ways you can make a difference.

Share Your Story to Raise Awareness

Want to help ensure that people impacted by cancer have access to quality, timely, and affordable healthcare? Sharing your own story can help raise awareness about concerns that need attention and action.

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Is Telehealth Important to You?

We'd love to hear how telehealth has helped you or a loved one.

Share Why Telehealth Matters to You

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