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Explore our videos, podcasts, and articles covering a wide range of topics to help you provide best-in-class care for people impacted by cancer. Our collection includes free and low-cost CE-accredited courses designed to support your professional growth and self-care as a psychosocial oncology professional. Complete our CE activities at your own pace and convenience. Please return often as we introduce new resources that will help you learn, grow, and be inspired.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Each course featured in this section is good for 1.0 CE credit and is designed for nurses, social workers, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals. These courses are part of our video series "What's in Your First Aid Kit? Resources and Tools to Help You Survive and Thrive." There is no fee to participate in these CE activities.

Behind the Mask: Moral Distress and Compassionate Care

with Dr. Lara Traeger

What do you do as a clinician when the right choice is different than what you are being asked or required to do – or different than what you see going on around you? This activity focuses on understanding moral distress and its associated challenges and how to identify relevant strategies for sustaining personal and systemic growth. 

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Beyond Band-Aids: Growing Mighty as a Team

with Dr. Liz Muenks

Burnout and compassion fatigue are all to common in the oncology field. This activity will focus on the protective factors and barriers to professional well-being as well as strategies to build resilience as individuals and teams. 

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Help! My Cape is WAY too Tight: Navigating the Complexity of LGBTQ+ Identities in Helping Professions

with Dr. Sarah Burgamy

When you’re a healthcare “superhero,” how do you make sure to loosen that cape in times of great stress? This activity will explore the unique challenges of navigating the healthcare landscape as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Lean Through: Staying Resilient and Engaged as Leaders of the Healthcare Workforce

with Dr. Timothy Morrison

Leaders of caregivers carry the pressures of keeping their teams healthy, engaged, and fulfilled. This activity will focus on self-care tips for leaders and work-life integration to help us stay excited and do more than just “get through it." 

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Racial Caucuses and Affinity Groups: Creating Space where Minoritized Individuals and White Co-Workers can Work Intentionally to Cultivate Psychological Safety at Work

with Dr. Athena Baca-Chieza

This activity will provide an opportunity to understand how identity dynamics operate in specific institutional settings, and devise strategies to overcome the barriers and oppression that are created by them. 

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View educational videos on diverse topics, from treatment advances to staying resilient and engaged.  

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Hear compelling interviews with medical experts, cancer patients, and caregivers in our award-winning podcasts.

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Find informative articles on topics ranging from managing costs of care to survivorship care planning.

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Identify Compassion Fatigue

Duration: 2 min

Support for Professionals

Health professionals, and more specifically oncology professionals, often experience burnout and compassion fatigue. Ruby, your virtual community navigator, will help professionals understand the importance of identifying the early warning signs of…

Expand Your Knowledge

Duration: 62 min

Helping Your Patients Prepare for End of Life

This is a presentation on "Helping Your Patients Prepare for End of Life" given by Lillie D. Shockney, RN, BS, MAS, HON-ONN-CG, University Distinguished Service Professor of Breast Cancer and Professor of Surgery at the Johns Hopkins University…

Loss and Grief Webinar

Sharing of loss is often hidden and stigmatized, and institutional infrastructure to support colleagues experiencing loss is often inadequate. Hear honest and raw first-person narratives of life-altering losses from internationally-renowned healthcare professionals. 

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Cancer Caregiver Webinar Series

Being a caregiver can be rewarding, exhausting, uplifting, and frustrating — sometimes all on the same day. Knowing how to navigate the experience, without losing sight of your own well-being, is important. 

Duration: 52 min

Caregiving 101: An Introduction to Supporting Someone With Cancer

With Dr. Erin Kent. This session will cover an introduction to caregiving to someone with cancer. We will discuss what it means to have a friend or family member diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. We will give an overview of what…


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