Kim Agricola

Kim Agricola

Director, Digital Content

Kim is a Cincinnati, OH, native and a graduate of Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She has written for a variety of publications and organizations and has editorial leadership experience in fields ranging from B2B marketing and public relations to nonprofit and healthcare communications. Most recently, Kim served as the editorial manager of JAMA Oncology and then as senior editor for a national fine-art magazine. As Digital Content Director at CSC, Kim’s goal is to provide meaningful, informative, and accessible content resources to help those impacted by cancer.

Blog Posts

A woman in a blue blouse rests her face in her hands at a desk with a laptop, calculator, and worksheets
Read December 27, 2022

Worried About Cancer Costs? We Offer Free Financial Navigation & Support

Cancer treatment costs and other financial stressors can weigh heavy on cancer patients and their families. Many people are not sure where to turn for guidance. Our Cancer Support Helpline offers free financial navigation for people impacted by cancer. Read our blog to learn how our Financial Navigators can help ease your distress about cancer costs.
Dressed in jeans and a red Cancer Support Community T-shirt, Paul smiles outside with the Boulder foothills behind him
Read July 19, 2022

You’ll Never Believe What This 71-Year-Old Is Doing

Paul, a 3-time cancer thriver, has been walking a lot ― 6.7 miles a day, on average, to be exact. And the 71-year-old has no intention of slowing down. His goal is to walk 1,500 miles this year, and he hopes to far exceed that. Keep reading to find out why.