Portrait of Cate O'Reilly

Cate O'Reilly, MSW

Senior Director Digital Partnerships

Cate O’Reilly has worked at Cancer Support Community social enterprise division since 2016, she moved to the CSC strategic growth department in June 2023. Cate completed her undergraduate studies at Santa Clara University and holds a master’s in social work from San Diego State University. Cate worked for over a decade globally in Africa, Europe, Mexico, and the U.S. in capacity as a medical social worker with pediatric, adult and geriatric populations before joining CSC. She also worked in upper retail management in a marketing capacity for a number of years. Cate is highly motivated, with a successful track record in sales, leadership, relationship building and partnerships in the healthcare industry. She is an analytical and creative professional, particularly skilled in identifying needs and opportunities for market expansion and digital innovation. Cate is originally from South Africa but now lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and three children.