portrait of Rachel Ress

Rachel Ress, MSW, LGSW

CSC DC Community Navigator

Rachel Ress, MSW, LGSW joined the Cancer Support Community in March 2021 as the Community Navigator for CSC DC. Prior to joining CSC, Rachel worked as an oncology social worker in the in-patient and out-patient hospital settings, providing psychosocial support to patients and their caregivers. Rachel is passionate about the intersection of chronic illness and emotional wellbeing, and she uses an eclectic approach when working with patients and their loved ones.

Rachel is originally from Detroit, Michigan and moved to the DC area after graduating from the University of Michigan where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and International Studies. Rachel later obtained her Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania with a focus in healthcare. Rachel lives in DC with her fiancé and English golden retriever, Albie.

Blog Posts

A woman talks with a registered dietitian in her office
Read September 9, 2021

Understanding Cancer Cachexia: Cancer-Related Weight and Muscle Loss

Weight loss is common among people with cancer, but drastic, unintentional weight and muscle loss may be a sign of a syndrome called cancer cachexia. While many people have never heard of the term cancer cachexia, it is estimated that half of all patients with cancer eventually develop this syndrome. Read on to learn more about cancer cachexia, its signs and symptoms, and how to get help from your health care team.