Malia Helpline


Resource Specialist

Malia joined the Helpline on April 8th, 2024. She’s a resource specialist who provides support, education, and resources to our callers and to those who connect with the Helpline via chat. Previously she worked in roles with STAND Against Domestic Violence as an advocate, in her role with STAND she worked with the Contra Costa County Community and assisted with the annual Men of Merit Event. The ‘Men of Merit’, honors men taking a stand against domestic violence. Also, she has held previous roles as a supervisor, benefits specialist, contact agent, an advocate, and a pharmaceutical technician for Federal and State Government agencies nationwide. 

Malia has a special interest in spiritual counseling and has a passion for helping others. Malia can relate to people from all walks of life and enjoys listening to their heartfelt stories. Malia believes that everyone’s voice should be heard, and she is dedicated to listening to each voice so that she can provide the necessary support and most importantly be that ear to hear that voice. Malia is most concerned about the cost of cancer for people with limited incomes. Malia’s number one goal working with the CSC Helpline is to provide the necessary resources for the patients, caregivers, and their family members, so they can feel a sense of relief knowing that there’s someone out in the world that cares and understands them. In Malia’s leisure time she enjoys working on her self-employed candle business, reading, writing, cooking gourmet dishes, exercising, and spending quality time with friends and family.