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The Cancer Support Community has 175 locations worldwide, including 52 licensed affiliates and health care partnerships.

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Table of Contents

Where do I start?

Ask Ruby: Emotional Response to Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is scary and it’s understandable to feel the way you do… but it’s also OK to take a moment for yourself to breathe, gather your thoughts, and think about next steps.

What are my treatment options?

Cancer Treatment Options

The first critical step to managing your cancer treatment is making the decision to empower yourself.

Precision Medicine

The goal of precision medicine is to create a treatment plan according to the “precise” molecular aspects of each patient’s cancer. This makes sure that each person gets the most effective treatment possible.

How to Get Support

How to build your support team

Knowing who is on your team will make it easier to efficiently manage your treatment and find resources you need.

What do I need to know about my health insurance?

Health Insurance Information for Cancer Patients

How do I tell my children, friends, and family?

Talking to Kids & Teens About Cancer