Cancer Experience Registry

Read July 5, 2023

CSC Publishes New Research Insights Report

Cancer Support Community’s Research & Training Institute is working to elevate the voices of patients, survivors, and caregivers through expansive studies on the psychosocial impact of cancer. Learn about our research approaches, recent initiatives, and what we've learned.
A woman's hands comfortingly hold the hands of a friend
Read December 13, 2022

Coping With Triple Negative Breast Cancer? 3 Areas Where You May Need Extra Support

Findings from our cancer experience survey show that people with triple negative breast cancer can face significant distress due to financial toxicity and challenging symptoms and side effects. Keep reading for 3 key takeaways to know if you or a loved one is facing a TNBC diagnosis, and resources that can help.
Read November 16, 2021

Inspire Change by Sharing Your Cancer Experience

Meet 3 cancer survivors who participated in our Cancer Experience Registry to share valuable insights about their cancer journeys, and learn how you can too. The insights of our survey participants help us create better outcomes for patients and caregivers today and for future generations. Read our blog to learn more.
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Read August 27, 2020

Exam Room Conversations – Finding Your Voice

My uncle, a former Massachusetts physical education teacher and football coach, had a tough exterior and an authoritative air – personality features that served him...
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Read August 13, 2020

Anxiety in the Cancer Experience

In some ways, anxiety is a crucial part of life. In my mom’s case, listening to the warning signals in her head pushed her to ask for multiple opinions, which eventually led to her cancer diagnosis. Anxiety can inspire us to seek out help and information. However, it is important to recognize when anxiety becomes unproductive or even harmful.
Read December 20, 2019

The Research and Training Institute’s 2019 Year in Review

To cap off a productive 2019, the RTI looks back at highlights from the past year. Many exciting things happened for the RTI in 2019 including the addition of new staff members to our wonderful team and settling into our new permanent home in Old City, Philadelphia. The team also remains committed to conducting psychosocial and behavioral research through survey development, scale validation, and patient-centered market research projects so that we can continue to inform the services and support that the Cancer Support Community provides to cancer patients, caregivers, and their families. Read on to see some of the milestones and highlights from the past year!
Read December 3, 2019

3 Essential CSC Resources for Caregivers

The Cancer Support Community (CSC) strives to transform the lives of individuals whose lives have been impacted by cancer. This includes caregivers who support patients at each stage of the cancer experience from diagnosis to post-treatment. One way for CSC to understand more about the needs of caregivers is to ask caregivers to share their unique stories through the Cancer Experience Registry® (CER), an online research initiative that seeks to further understand the wide-reaching impact of cancer.