Pride Month wristbands rest on a stone wall beneath a blue sky
Read June 8, 2023

Pride Month: Addressing and Overcoming Health Disparities for LGBTQIA+ Cancer Patients

Every June, Pride Month is recognized with parades and marches across the country to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, celebrate diversity & dignity, and promote equal rights and opportunities for LGBTQIA+ individuals. Today, it is more important than ever to celebrate and support community while also acknowledging that much work needs to be done to overcome health disparities in the LGBTQIA+ community.
Read May 18, 2023

What To Know About Prior Authorization & How It Impacts You

As you make decisions about your cancer treatment, it can be helpful to understand what prior authorization is and how it can impact your care. Sometimes, prior authorization programs can be barriers to getting needed treatments. Keep reading to learn more, including what to do if your health insurance company denies a prior authorization request from your healthcare provider.
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Read April 27, 2023

How to Use Storytelling to Inspire Action & Drive Change

Storytelling is an opportunity to connect with others, especially those who may not understand your experience or point of view. Because of this, storytelling can be an excellent tool in an advocate’s toolbox. Our blog explains how you can leverage storytelling in cancer advocacy — and shares tips for telling your own story.
Read February 9, 2023

6 Things You Should Know After the State of the Union Address

CSC's CEO Debbie Weir reflects on key takeaways from President Biden's Feb. 7 State of the Union and what they mean for people impacted by cancer. "I am so grateful that President Biden chose to shine a light on the needs and concerns of people coping with cancer during his speech," she writes.
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Read December 15, 2022

Not Just a Cost-Containment Tool: Utilization Management Should Benefit Patients

Utilization management (or UM for short) is a set of techniques used to reduce healthcare costs, and they can directly impact patient care. We recently gathered stakeholders together for a virtual forum to discuss the role UM plays in our healthcare system. The conversation focused on what patients, caregivers, and advocates can do to create a more patient-centered system. Keep reading for key takeaways and actions you can take to help ensure UM practices are used appropriately to benefit patients.
A senior woman stands at a pharmacy counter showing a female pharmacist her prescription
Read October 14, 2022

Here’s What Patients Need to Know About Laboratory Benefit Managers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Have you ever arrived at a laboratory or pharmacy with your doctor's order for lab work or a prescription, only to be denied the test or your prescribed medication? Each insurance plan has different benefits and coverage guidelines. Benefit managers determine these guidelines. Keep reading to learn how laboratory and pharmacy benefit managers can impact your insurance benefits and coverage.
Michael Kolodziej, M.D., smiles in a sunlit interior wearing glasses and a collared shirt
Read September 15, 2022

Advocate Spotlight: Michael Kolodziej, M.D.

As part of our Advocate Spotlight series, we are highlighting Michael Kolodziej, M.D., who is passionate about ensuring that cancer patients receive the best possible care. “If we keep the patient as our North Star, we will succeed," he says. Read on to learn about Dr. Kolodziej, his background in cancer care, and how cancer advocacy has played a role throughout his career.
CSC’s CEO Debbie Weir introduces White House Cancer Moonshot Coordinator Danielle Carnival, PhD, during CSC's annual leadership conference
Read September 9, 2022

White House Cancer Moonshot Coordinator Shares Progress & Priorities

From the very beginning, CSC has been a dedicated partner and go-to resource for the Cancer Moonshot, the White House initiative to drive urgent progress against cancer. Cancer Moonshot Coordinator Danielle Carnival, Ph.D., recognized CSC’s contributions during a recent conference for our network partner leaders. We share highlights from Dr. Carnival’s presentation, including a call to action that you, your friends, and loved ones may be able to answer.
Read July 14, 2022

Cancer Champions on Capitol Hill: Sen. Dick Durbin

This month, we recognize Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois as a cancer champion for his work in advocating for increased investments in cancer research. Sen. Durbin lost his father to lung cancer at a young age. Watch a short video to hear about his story and his hopes for a future where cancer does not take the lives of loved ones.
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Read June 30, 2022

How to File a Health Insurance Appeal for a Denied Claim: What Patients Need to Know

If your insurance provider denies a claim for medical services you’ve received, you have the right to file an appeal. The process of filing an appeal can seem daunting. But it is both your right and in your best interest to appeal a denied claim that you and your healthcare team deem important for your health. Keep reading for step-by-step guidance and tools to help you through the process.