Diet & Nutrition

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Read February 15, 2024

Need Help With Food Costs After a Cancer Diagnosis?

The cost of cancer care can be stressful for anyone living with cancer. If cancer costs are making it hard for you or someone you know to access sufficient and nutritious food, it can make the experience even more stressful. We share 5 food assistance programs and resources that can help.

Cancer Cachexia

Learn about the impact of cancer cachexia, a condition and watch a virtual meeting about the impact of this condition, which causes weakness, muscle loss, and drastic unintentional weight loss.

Diet & Nutrition

Eating healthy is important during cancer treatment and after treatment has ended, as you navigate survivorship. Learn tips to maintain a healthy diet at every step of your journey, including coping with treatment-related eating problems and creating a healthy lifestyle plan.
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Read February 8, 2023

A Dietitian Dispels 3 Myths About Eating Well With Cancer

Between the internet, TV, and the media, we have access to an abundance of information, but it’s not always accurate. Cancer nutrition is one area where myths and misconceptions can create confusion and needless worry. Oncology dietitian Chelsey Schneider, of Savor Health, spoke with our Senior Director of Education and Outreach, Rachel Saks, about ways to eat healthy after a cancer diagnosis. Schneider also cleared up 3 nutrition myths that oncology dietitians commonly hear. Keep reading to learn the myths, and the facts that debunk them.
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Read March 30, 2021

5 Cancer Support Resources for National Nutrition Month

A healthy diet is an important part of anyone’s care, including those who have been impacted by cancer. When National Nutrition Month rolls around each March, it’s a good reminder to make a commitment to healthy eating habits. Here, we share five CSC resources to help you get started.