Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition for Cancer Survivors

People often finish cancer treatment and ask themselves the question – now what? After many months of different treatments and appointments it is time to take charge of the next phase of your journey. You may also feel different now that you have more time to focus on your well-being. While exciting, this can also cause a mix of emotions. The good news is nutrition can help you to take control of your health. Good nutrition is an important part of your care beyond cancer treatment.

Diet & Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

During Treatment: Eating problems like nausea or decreased appetite are common during cancer treatment. These problems can make it hard to feel well and eat healthy. How eating healthy helps: Can help with side effects like nausea, diarrhea, or taste changes; can help maintain body weight and muscle mass; can help give you more energy; can help prevent delays or breaks in treatment; can help prevent hospital stays or reduce the time you are in the hospital; can help improve how well you respond to treatment; and can help improve how well treatment works.


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A healthy diet is an important part of a cancer patient’s journey before, during, and after treatment.

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