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Make Yourself at Home

Welcome to the Cancer Support Community's virtual home. Here you will find classes and fresh content on health, wellness and a wide range of supportive topics. Come in and browse our different rooms to find your happy place.

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Welcome to Our Kitchen

Explore our collection of healthy recipes and cooking videos specifically created to support the nutritional needs of people impacted by cancer.

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Welcome to Our Library

Browse our free, award-winning educational resources on a wide range of topics, from coping with a cancer diagnosis to treatment options, managing side effects, and more.

CSC Mind Body Studio

Welcome to Our Mind Body Studio

Explore our collection of yoga lessons, gentle exercises, and meditation videos specifically designed with the needs of people impacted by cancer in mind. 

CSC support room

Welcome to Our Support Room

Our support room offers free financial, practical, and psychosocial resources to help you or a loved one navigate a cancer diagnosis. 

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Targeted Therapies

Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that targets a specific change in some cancers that helps them grow, divide, and spread. Targeted drugs are designed to block cancer growth ‘driven’ by these changes to the tumor’s gene.

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