Read January 10, 2020

Parenting My Grieving Children

Grief comes in waves, in ebbs and flows, even for three-year old toddlers. That first year without Brett was a pendulum of conversation, reasoning, and tears. But there’s nothing easy or linear about parenting, let alone parenting grieving children. I learned not to expect too much from myself or from them.
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Read January 3, 2020

The Reality of Grief

When at last Brett died, I expected peace, not chaos all over again. I'd buried him prematurely in my dreams throughout his illness, bracing myself, I suppose, for the inevitable. Now that he was truly gone though, I was unprepared for the tidal wave of grief within me. The first few months after Brett died were a blur.
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Listen April 26, 2017

Encore: Understanding Professional Grief

Although social service professionals are trained to help their clients cope with the grief that accompanies a loss, there is often little formal training on...
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Listen July 22, 2014

Love Goes On

The loss of a loved one is a difficult experience, and everyone handles it in their own unique way. Guest hosted by the Cancer Support...