Living with Cancer

Group of 4 people stand with their arms around each other and their backs turned, facing the sunlight.
Read July 28, 2021

The Gift of Today: Finding Joy and Purpose in the Present

There are so many emotional changes that come with one's cancer journey. Yet it can also be a time to look inward and start living in the present. Here, we share some tips that can help you cope healthfully with your emotions and find joy and purpose in the present.
Middleweight boxing champion Daniel Jacobs interacts with a group of children
Read July 9, 2021

Bone Cancer Awareness Month

Daniel Jacobs is a 2-time middleweight world champion. This boxing pro is also a cancer survivor. July is Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Awareness Month, so recognizing Daniel’s story now seems fitting. It’s also an opportune time to talk about bone cancer, risk factors, and treatment options. Read on for more details.
Amber smiles from inside her home with bright purple hair.
Read July 2, 2021

Living on Purpose: Cancer Survivor Amber Havekost Shares Her Journey

Amber Havekost wears many hats in life — mother, wife, survivorship coach, avid writer. She is also a breast cancer survivor. In a Q&A with the Cancer Support Community, Amber shares her survivorship story with us. “As deep as my pain goes, so does my gratitude," she notes, "not one replacing the other, but both existing together.” Read on for more words of wisdom and inspiration from Amber.
Doctor and patient having a conversation
Read June 15, 2021

3 Considerations for Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month

June is Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month, a national campaign to educate the public about cancer immunotherapy. As we recognize this important campaign, we share some key highlights about this type of cancer treatment.
A hiker raises her arms in the air as she looks out over a mountaintop at the sky
Read June 6, 2021

3 Tips to Remember on National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day is a time to recognize cancer survivors and raise awareness about the challenges of survivorship. In recognition of National Cancer Survivors Day, we’ve gathered 3 top tips for navigating survivorship.