Loss and Grief: Personal Stories of Doctors and Other Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals experience unrelenting demands superimposed on their personal lives and losses. Although trained to help others, all too often, they neglect their own mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Loss is universal and inevitable, yet, sharing of loss is often hidden and stigmatized, and institutional infrastructure to support colleagues experiencing loss is often inadequate. This presentation will focus on the lost opportunities and the hard, yet healing, realities revealed by the narrators’ experiences with personal loss.  

There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Kit: It’s a System, Not a Self-Care Problem

How do you practice self-care when organizational culture perpetuates systemic racism? What are the limits of self-care for non-white colleagues in such an environment? This session will focus on racial battle fatigue and its impact on burnout for providers of color. Join us as we explore strategies to remain resilient, boost compassion satisfaction, and yes – still take care of yourself! Finally, we will explore the role of allies in mitigating situations that increase race-related stress in healthcare settings.

GPS for the Soul: Moving Toward Your Values

As we are emerging out of the pandemic, we are aware that we have experienced and witnessed great suffering in our community and ourselves. This session will highlight and invite discussion around what and where you find meaning through this experience, identifying what your “true North” is and how to be authentic in your journey to get there.

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The Best Surge Protector: Self-Compassion

Do you tend to spend so much time taking care of others that you forget to prioritize taking care of yourself? Explore the relationship between self-compassion and the practice of self-care while balancing stressors faced as an oncology healthcare professional. Gain insight into personal and research-oriented practices to encourage prevention, recovery, and resilience.

Keeping Your Battery Charged: Fortitude for the Wore Out

In this presentation, psychologist Jamie Aten introduces the new science of fortitude and how it can benefit healthcare professionals and patients alike. Jamie takes the audience through an inspiring personal quest to unlock the ancient secrets of this neglected virtue through recent scientific breakthroughs.

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