Gus Robertson smiles in front of the U.S. Capitol.
Read March 10, 2021

March Advocate Spotlight: Gus Robertson

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in health advocacy. Read on to learn more about Gus and his work in cancer advocacy.
An African American elderly man wearing a hat smiles from his seat on his porch
Read March 1, 2021

Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month: Let’s Talk Signs, Symptoms, and Support

As we head into March, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. We share the signs and symptoms of multiple myeloma, along with resources that can help if you are living with multiple myeloma or are a caregiver to someone with multiple myeloma.
A lab technician wearing a mask looks through a microscope
Read February 22, 2021

Advancing the Promise of Precision Medicine

In December 2020, CSC hosted a 3-day virtual summit on the topic of precision medicine. The summit was an action-oriented event focused on eliciting feedback from patients regarding CSC precision medicine education materials and educating the cancer community on the promise of precision medicine and the barriers and gaps that exist in ensuring access for all.
A doctor talks with a patient about her health care decisions in a medical office.
Read February 12, 2021

For Cancer Patients, Treatment Decisions Involve a Heavy Dose of Consideration

When it comes to treatment decisions, many cancer patients are worried about more than just treating the cancer. CSC’s Research and Training Institute asked patients to share their perspectives on this in two different research studies, and the findings highlighted that when it comes to deciding which cancer treatment to pursue, there’s a lot to consider.
asian woman on a grey couch working on her laptop
Read February 11, 2021

Become a Care Coordinator: Make Life Easier for Your Friend or Loved One Living with Cancer

As a free service offered by the Cancer Support Community, MyLifeLine allows cancer patients to create a Friends & Family site. Here, they can document their journey and receive social, emotional, and practical support along the way. As a friend or loved one of someone living with cancer, you also have the option to create a Friends & Family site for him or her.
February's Advocate Spotlight features Phylicia Woods, CSC's Executive Director of the Cancer Policy Institute
Read February 10, 2021

February Advocate Spotlight: Phylicia Woods, JD, MSW

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in health advocacy. Read on to learn more about Phylicia, CSC’s new Executive Director of the Cancer Policy Institute.
People of many races clasp hands in unity
Read February 5, 2021

Take Action for World Cancer Day

The Cancer Support Community marked World Cancer Day with special activities to raise awareness of the patient experience and ways to ensure equal access to treatment for everyone. There are still many opportunities to get involved and advocate for the cancer community and health-equity policies.