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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

November is quickly approaching, which means Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, will be here before we know it. As we lead up to this day, the Cancer Support Community’s Cancer Policy Institute urges you to get involved and vote!

What’s Happening
November 6th marks the midterm elections, which are the elections held halfway through an Administration’s term, which in this case is the Trump Administration. On the federal level, every seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is up for election and one-third of the U.S Senate seats are up for election. A list of each senator and their state can be found here.

Additionally, thirty-six state governors and three U.S. territory governors will be up for election or re-election. To see if your state governor is on the ballot this November, search for your state here.

Why Voting is Important
One of the most simple and effective ways to advocate for issues that are important to you is by voting. Voting allows us to effect change in our country, state, and local communities. Your vote is your voice, which is why it is important to be an informed voter and vote at every opportunity.

Over the next month, take some time to understand your state’s voting laws, deadlines, and polling locations.

Register to Vote
Each state’s registration deadlines and methods are different. You can find important information on how to register to vote or update your registration, request an absentee ballot, volunteer to be a poll worker, and more through the U.S. Election Commission. Click here to visit the website, and then click on your state to find registration deadlines, as well as links to the state election website and registration resources.

Find out Where to Vote
In addition to registering and updating your voter registration based on your state’s guidelines, you should also be aware of where you will need to go to vote. Many states assign voters to a specific polling location based on your address. To find out where you can vote, simply check your voter registration or contact your state election office.

Be Prepared to Vote
After you have confirmed your polling location, be sure to check your state’s voter ID requirements to make sure that you have the correct form of identification required to vote.

Your right to vote is the most fundamental and impactful right that you have. Use your voice by using your vote. Contact your state election office to find out what will be on your ballot ahead of time so that you can research issues that matter to you, choose candidates that represent those issues, and vote!

The Cancer Policy Institute
It is extremely important to be an educated voter. The Cancer Policy Institute has several resources to learn more about policy and advocacy, along with information about the legislative process, key terms, and more. These resources as well as the Cancer Policy institute’s policy aims and positions can be found here. Find more voting information based on your state by visiting CSC's Election 2018 Resource Page. You can also sign up to be an advocate through our Grassroots Advocacy Network to stay up to date on voting information as well as issues impacting cancer patients, opportunities to engage, and more.

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