A “Sundae Session” with Vice President Biden and cancer patients

April 17, 2018

Nashville, Tennessee - As part of our partnership with the Biden Cancer Initiative, Vice President Joe Biden met with four cancer patients who are involved with our Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee affiliate, which is one of our 170 locations worldwide that provides free cancer support.

Each of them has a unique experience with cancer – and each shared their insights with Vice President Biden during his trek across the country to learn more about the challenges facing all people living with cancer.

“I don’t want to lose sight of what can help patients now so that when they put their head on the pillow at the end of the day, they can fall asleep with peace of mind,” the Vice President said.

Below we highlight the stories they shared with the Vice President and other local leaders and advocates:

1. Dr. Pete Bartels

At 37-years-old, Dr. Pete Bartels was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiform in August 2012. He retired from his profession as a neurologist because of the treatment and the long-term side effects that came with his diagnosis.

Dr. Bartels then moved to Nashville to be closer to his family, which is where he found support at the Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee affiliate. There he began teaching guitar/ ukulele lessons.

Recently, Dr. Bartels has been looking to become more active in society again. He is considering re-entering the health care field or possibly exploring an entirely new profession.

2. Jaden Fox

Jaden Fox was diagnosed with Large-B-cell Lymphoma when she was 13.

After six months of intense treatment, Fox became cancer free, but she still has had to face the lasting effects of cancer treatment and the emotional impact of her diagnosis and treatment.

Beginning in the fall, Fox intends to study nursing at Cumberland University, so that she will be able to help others in the future.

3. John Williamson

At 44-years-old, John Williamson was diagnosed with stage IIIb colorectal cancer in 2015.

Williamson originally attempted to face his diagnosis alone. However, due to complications from surgery and the time off from work that resulted from it, he learned to rely on his friends and family, and sometimes even the kindness of strangers.

4. Katherine Broadway

In July 2016, Katherine was diagnosed with stage IV appendix cancer.

While her experience was difficult, the support of her friends, family, and professionals at Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee have helped to keep her going.

We are proud to partner with the Biden Cancer Initiative to elevate the voices of these and others impacted by cancer.

If you are a patient, survivor, or caregiver, please share your story on our Cancer Experience Registry.