Highlights from the 2016 Annual ASCO Meeting

June 9, 2016
The Atlantic: The Search for Answers: Fighting Rare Cancers

Every year, more than 30,000 oncology professionals from all over the world, including Cancer Support Community leaders come together at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago to discuss new innovations and confront current challenges in the field of oncology. 

2016 was no different for us, as we proudly shared our mission and the work we've been doing and to present our own research on patient definitions of value as well as patient experiences with financial counseling.

A highlight of this year's ASCO was an event held last Thursday — a panel discussion titled "The Search for Answers: Fighting Rare Cancers," featuring Cancer Support Community CEO Kim Thiboldeaux. This panel, convened by The Atlantic, featured leaders in oncology alongside people who have received a diagnosis and those advocating for them, to discuss the unique experience those with rare cancers face.

This panel explored how new strategies in the fight against rare cancer can revolutionize the treatment paradigm; how rare cancer communities are mobilizing at the grassroots level; and how the White House's recently announced moonshot initiative will impact cancer research. The panel also examined patient support networks, access and affordability and the role of the community oncologist — to ultimately determine how the cancer treatment community can come together to better address the underserved needs of people impacted by rare cancers.

To watch Kim Thiboldeaux and the panel presentation watch this video below.