Understanding the Prostate Cancer Experience

November 11, 2015
older white man in blue polo smiling

It seems to be accepted as “fact” that men with prostate cancer don’t want to talk about their condition. Everyone knows that guys don’t want or need emotional support—that they usually choose to go it alone. But…is that really true? Any diagnosis of cancer has an impact on the person who hears those words, and on his whole family. What will the future bring, or will there be one? What about your job and your ability to support your family? Prostate cancer also comes with its own special set of issues. For men with early disease, there are questions about which treatment to choose. Regardless of what you decide, there is the very real possibility of short and long term side effects that can affect your sex life or your ability to control urination—serious matters. If you have advanced disease, there are other concerns about both your cancer and its treatment. It doesn’t make sense to deal with all these issues alone.

The Cancer Support Community’s Cancer Experience Registry provides a safe, confidential, online community where men can connect with each other, share experiences, learn from and help other men going through prostate cancer. How does it work? Go to www.cancerexperienceregistry.org. Take some time to check out the website, register, then fill out the questionnaire especially designed for men with prostate cancer. It takes a few minutes, but this a unique way for you to identify the issues that are making a difference in your life. You can also set up a personalized web page that allows you to choose the updates and information you want. Why should you do this? It’s time for men with prostate cancer to have a voice and to be heard. It’s a community you can choose to join and participate in on your own terms. It’s a way of helping other guys with prostate cancer get through their experience. It’s a simple step you can take to make a difference, so that we can improve the care for every man facing prostate cancer. We also know that your wives, families and partners are there for you. The Cancer Experience Registry also has a special online place for caregivers. Join the Cancer Experience Registry today. Or, learn more by going to www.cancerexperienceregistry.org. Tell your story. Connect with others. Learn from people like you. Help others.