Strength & Stretch/Gentle Exercise

July 10, 2020 Run Time: 21 min

During this class we will alternate gentle strengthening exercises with longer stretches to create the balance between feeling strength and ease. We will meet peaks of physical intensity with the breath and then recover by softening and slowing down to stretch. This is similar in life because sometimes we need and want to be strong. Other times it’s necessary to just be vulnerable, process emotions and have grace for your cancer journey. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and work within your current strength. 

This is a good class to do prior to starting treatment or after you are cleared to do weight-bearing physical activity from your doctor. If you are in the middle of recovery and feeling weak or tired, humbly honor what your body can do now rather than trying to push through anything that’s painful or uncomfortable. Caregivers could also do this class to help cultivate strength to help their loved one through difficult times...You Got This!