Metta/Loving Kindness Meditation

July 10, 2020 Run Time: 9 min

Metta/Loving Kindness Meditation is a loving kindness that will bring you in deeper connection to yourself as it unites the entire Cancer Support Community. The use of mantra or repetition of words or phrases elicits a relaxation response within. Together we will choose love over fear and send that loving kindness to others.

Meditation is like a mirror that polishes the mind. Before we meditate the mirror is foggy or smudgy, clouding our consciousness. When we sit in stillness and withdraw the outward senses it allows us to turn more inward. Here we begin to notice the monkey mind which tells us many confusing things. Observing our thoughts and letting them go without judgement allows us to create space within. Then we can connect to our soul/heart center where our true nature resides. In this space we feel access to peace, presence, compassion, love, joy and bliss. Through regular practice, the mirror becomes polished and we see ourselves and others more clearly. Therefore, meditation is communion with yourself so that you can be in community with others. 

Try meditating in the morning to set the tone for your day. By pausing to sit and draw inward when the tendency is to get drawn into the logistics of what’s to come, you can re-train your brain to pause before reacting in life which cultivates mindfulness. However, meditation is beneficial any time of day and can even help you fall asleep at night so choose what works for you.