Take Action: Support Accessible Telehealth Services

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The Cancer Support Community supports H.R. 1843/S. 1011, the Telehealth Expansion Act of 2023, to permanently exempt high deductible health plans from the requirement of a patient’s deductible being met before being eligible for telehealth and remote service coverage. This bipartisan legislation would allow employers and health plans to cover telehealth visits for individuals with high deductible health plans, coupled with a health savings account, before having to meet their deductible.

There are 32 million Americans with healthcare savings plans, such as HDHP-HSAs, more than half of which live in zip codes with a medium income of below $75,000 annually. The deductible threshold of $1,4000 for an individual or $2,800 for a family can cause a significant burden, limiting access to care. The flexibility provided through this bill is critical to ensuring American families’ permanent access to affordable virtual health services without the financial strain of reaching the deductible threshold.