Dating With Cancer

Dating With Cancer

Worried about dating after cancer? Ruby, your virtual community navigator, discusses the universal challenges and worries for young adults with cancer as well as tips on dating and how to ask for help. The Cancer Support Community is here to support you and help answer your questions.


Have a concern of your own? Please call our Cancer Support Helpline to talk with an experienced counselor or navigator: 888-793-9355


ASK RUBY about COVID-19 Pandemic Concerns With the pandemic, I don’t feel comfortable being in public as a cancer patient. When can I return to my support group and other normal activities and until then, how do I deal with my feelings of sadness and isolation?

Emotional Response to Cancer Diagnosis

ASK RUBY about an Emotional Response to a Cancer Diagnosis My doctor just told me I have cancer. I’m shocked, scared, and I feel like I need to make quick decisions, where do I begin?