July 16, 2020 Run Time: 2 min

ASK RUBY about COVID-19 Pandemic Concerns
With the pandemic, I don’t feel comfortable being in public as a cancer patient. When can I return to my support group and other normal activities and until then, how do I deal with my feelings of sadness and isolation?


The pandemic has caused great uncertainty and anxiety. When you’re living with a chronic illness like cancer that may reduce your ability to fight off a virus, which can make this time even more distressing. 

First, talk to your doctor. Your situation is unique and your doctor will be able to provide advice tailored to your specific circumstance and health and safety needs. 

Second, many support groups— like those offered around the country by the Cancer Support Community and Gilda’s Clubs— are now available online. You can learn more on our website. 


Have a concern of your own?  Please call our Cancer Support Helpline to talk with an experienced counselor or navigator: 888-793-9355