Ask Ruby: Emotional Response to Cancer Diagnosis

July 16, 2020

Meet Ruby, your CSC cancer community navigator, here to answer your questions.  Have a concern of your own?  Please call our Cancer Support Helpline to talk with an experienced counselor or navigator.   888-793-9255


ASK RUBY about an Emotional Response to a Cancer Diagnosis
My doctor just told me I have cancer. I’m shocked, scared, and I feel like I need to make quick decisions, where do I begin?



A cancer diagnosis is scary and it’s understandable to feel the way you do… but it’s also OK to take a moment for yourself to breathe, gather your thoughts, and think about next steps.

Please consider the resources and support network you can tap into. Your health care team is there to support you. Jot down your thoughts, concerns, and questions, and discuss these at your next appointment. 

Think about your personal support network of loved ones and friends, and don’t be afraid to ask for help; Think about your own strengths: courage, determination, perseverance. These moments test us and can often help us recognize and tap into our best qualities. 

The Cancer Support Community can also provide support, including a community navigator and programs to help you consider the next steps that are right for you.