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Read November 30, 2021

Stomach Cancer: Let’s Talk Risk Factors, Treatment, and Support

Stomach cancer is much less common and much more treatable today thanks to improvements in public health, screening, and treatments. In recognition of Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, we share key things to know about the disease, including treatment options and support to help you navigate a stomach cancer diagnosis.
A doctor in a white coat holds a clipboard while talking with a patient
Read November 20, 2021

CSC’s Precision Medicine Plain Language Lexicon Aims to Reduce Confusion

As precision medicine testing and treatment options evolve, the complexity of what cancer patients and caregivers need to understand has grown. CSC recently updated our precision medicine education program to make precision medicine concepts more easily understandable for all people affected by cancer. Read on to learn more.
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Read November 18, 2021

Pancreatic Cancer: Let’s Talk Survivorship, Risk Factors, and Support

The signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer often don’t appear until it is advanced. As a result, it is seldom caught early. In recognition of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, we share key things to know about the disease, including resources and support to help you navigate a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.
Read November 16, 2021

Inspire Change by Sharing Your Cancer Experience

Meet 3 cancer survivors who participated in our Cancer Experience Registry to share valuable insights about their cancer journeys, and learn how you can too. The insights of our survey participants help us create better outcomes for patients and caregivers today and for future generations. Read our blog to learn more.
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Read November 12, 2021

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month — a time to celebrate and honor the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, contributions, and histories of American Indian and Alaska Native people. It is equally important to discuss ongoing disparities that Native American people face in accessing needed cancer care. Read our blog to learn about CSC's efforts to bring cancer treatment facilities to tribal lands in the United States.
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Read November 3, 2021

Lung Cancer: Let’s Talk Survivorship, Risk Factors, and Support

In the United States, lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women. Read on as we share key things to know about the disease in recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, including resources and support to help you navigate a lung cancer diagnosis.
An open enrollment sign rests on a desk beside a stethoscope and several colored pencils
Read November 1, 2021

5 Things to Know About 2022 Open Enrollment

The period to purchase 2022 health insurance coverage is open now through January 15, 2022. Read on to learn what you need to know to ensure that you and your loved ones have access to high-quality and affordable coverage.
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Read October 28, 2021

Examining the Social and Emotional Impact of COVID-19 on the Cancer Community

Cancer patients and survivors continue to experience mental health stressors like anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to learn more about the social and emotional impact of the pandemic on the cancer community and the ways organizations like Cancer Support Community are responding to these needs.