Meeting Katherine Kelly Lang

June 1, 2016

I stood at the meeting spot for the Cancer Survivor Mile walk at this year’s Breakaway from Cancer event in San Diego. I gave cancer survivors and their loved ones pennants to carry during their walk. I happened to glance up at a woman in sunglasses who looked familiar. Her smile was large and welcoming, so I introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Kelly.”

“Did you just say you’re Kelly?” The woman asked me.


“You’re Kelly. And I’m Kelly!” She laughed.  

I smiled. It’s always nice to find someone who shares some detail with you, even if it’s something that is on the surface, like your name. However, I had no idea at first I was talking to Katherine Kelly Lang, a soap opera star from “The Bold and The Beautiful,” where she plays Brooke Forrester.

One reason I smiled so quickly and openly at Ms. Lang was because she has a very infectious personality. She beams a positive energy and makes you feel completely at ease in her presence. Even though we had just met, I felt like I had known her for years.

When I realized who she was, I was excited to meet Ms. Lang because I had heard a lot about her through the Cancer Support Community. We are huge fans of hers, and not because she acts in a daily and iconic TV drama. Because Ms. Lang lost a parent and several grandparents to cancer, she wants to bring awareness to cancer diagnosis. She wants to help those impacted by cancer. She has done this by being a supporter and then ambassador for the Breakaway from Cancer initiative.  For her hard work in cancer awareness, this past spring, she received the Founders Award for Spirit at the Cancer Support Community’s Annual Spring Celebration gala.

Another way that Ms. Lang colorfully and brightly impacts the cancer community is by donating a portion of funds from her line of women’s kaftans to Breakaway from Cancer’s four nonprofit partners, including The Cancer Support Community. Her kaftans can be purchased here:

So, from one Kelly to another, I’m so grateful to have met such an energetic, positive and kind force in the cancer community. And you have a great name!