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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How much of a difference can someone make in a month?

That’s the question we’re asking you this July. For one month, CSC will be displaying a banner in a window at Rockefeller Plaza, New York to inform people of the free services CSC offers to people affected by cancer.

The banner reads, “Everyone knows someone touched by cancer. I am a…” to show how no matter where we live or who we are, there is one experience that is universal: we’ve all known someone affected by cancer that has needed support, and we’ve all wanted to help them.

Now, you have the power to make an actual difference in your loved ones’ lives. The more people know about the resources CSC provides, the more we can help ease the physical and emotional toll that cancer takes.

That is why for the month of July, we’re inviting you to upload a photo to CSC’s Facebook or Tweet a picture of yourself and your connection to cancer by filling in the blank: I am a ________, along with the hashtag #CSCEmpower. Because when everyone knows someone affected by cancer, we are all empowered to show our loved ones they are not alone.

It could be something as simple as “I am a daughter, and I support my mom. #CSCEmpower” or “I am a friend of Theresa, my hero. #CSCEmpower.” Not only does this show how much you care, it tells them about an organization which offers hundreds of services to those affected by cancer.

We believe in the power of paying it forward, so much so that as an added bonus, anyone who tweets about the CSC window qualifies for a chance to win a CSC swag bag! We want to reward the altruist in you, so anyone who shares their connection to cancer with the hashtag #CSCEmpower is entered for a chance to win.

So how much of a difference can someone make in a month? All the difference in the world!

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