How Recreation can be Therapeutic during Your Cancer Journey

July 16, 2014

Since 1984, National Therapeutic Recreation Week has been celebrated the second week of July. Its purpose is to raise awareness and educate communities about activities available to boost the wellness of people living with physical, mental or emotional challenges.

Therapeutic recreation is the use of a wide range of activities such as painting, yoga, walking or playing music to help boost your everyday lifestyle. Founded by the National Therapeutic Recreation Society, this week cultivates a safe and supportive environment for people living with certain challenges to find activities they enjoy. Therapeutic Recreation may help enhance not only your activity levels, but also your overall quality of life. When you’re living with cancer, taking good care of your body, mind and spirit is more imperative than ever and therapeutic recreation is a great place to start.

Each person has different preferences and capabilities that make their healing process unique. Fortunately there are vast amounts of art, music and other creative activities that contribute a huge role to heal the emotional and mental state of an individual. Many of our affiliates offer such activities such as photography, painting, Tai chi and exercise programs.

Stress relief is another benefit of therapeutic recreation. Excessive amounts of stress can be very harmful and this week highlights the importance for individuals to keep themselves from risk. A study conducted by the Cancer Support Community’s Research and Training Institute has found that over half of people living with cancer have moderate to serious concerns about physical activity. Rather than eliminating physical activity, there are many programs that take into consideration your activity levels during and after treatment.

You can learn more about how to stay physically active by listening to our Frankly Speaking About Cancer radio show airing in early August with Carol Michaels, a fitness expert who specializes in exercises for cancer survivors.

How are you going to celebrate National Therapeutic Recreation Week? As the summer continues, be on the lookout for activities that will help boost your wellness. Talk to your health care team and ask for resources to get you started. Pour yourself into art or go on nature walks in the park and start to find your personal healing process and ways to express yourself in the midst of your cancer journey.