Meet Broadway Star and Cancer Support Community Supporter, Stephanie J. Block

April 16, 2014

Have you ever wanted to see Broadway star Stephanie J. Block perform? Stephanie J. Block, star of such productions as Wicked and Anything Goes, will be performing at the Cancer Support Community’s Spring Celebration on April 24th in New York City, and we want to make sure you have a ticket!

CSC recently had the chance to interview Stephanie about her upcoming performance and connection to cancer and the Cancer Support Community.

What is your connection to cancer?

The effects of cancer have touched me in profound ways. The most recent was a dear family friend who had fought her first battle with breast cancer with so much grace, humor and strength. When the cancer returned last year, the battle took her life. She was a strong, vibrant and impressive woman… a wife, a mother, a new grandmother and a teacher who was loved by so many, including me and my husband. Again, this is just the most recent account of a life taken too soon.

I want to mention an incredible man and a master costume designer, Mr. Martin Pakledinaz. It was brain cancer that took Marty. He created and designed and inspired until the last moments of his life. I miss him deeply.

I, myself, had a scare with cervical cancer. Back in 2004 a severe case of cervical dysplasia led my doctors to use the word “cancer”. I was terrified. But because of very early detection and wonderfully proactive physicians and specialists, I was clean after the first surgery. After years of doctor visits and check-ups and multiple cervical scrapings (more than I care to count), I was deemed “unextraordinary”. I found such relief in a word that seemed so derogatory before that experience.

Sadly, I could continue with other names, stories, cherished lives of loved ones taken by this pestilence, but instead I will remember them fondly and continue to work/pray for a cure.

How and when did you become involved with the Cancer Support Community?

I have only become aware of Cancer Support Community these last few months. The services they provide and the care and understanding with which they provide it, it’s a true gift. As they so beautifully and simply put it…”so that no one faces cancer alone”.

Tell us more about your upcoming performance for the Cancer Support Community.

I am so honored to have been included in the Cancer Support Community Spring Celebration. There is something that shifts in me when I am able to sing for an extraordinary event… an extraordinary purpose such as this. The songs take on new meaning. The storytelling becomes a bit more personal. And in this time of spring, I will perform songs of celebrating life, love and hope.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by those who give of themselves hoping to create a better world. I have always found that when it’s being reported that “things” are at their darkest, you turn to find a loving gesture, a giving hand, a motivated spirit, an unexpected and generous act. People are good at heart. When I pay attention and recognize that truth… I am inspired.