Cancer Cannot Take Away our Memories

February 19, 2014

Steve is a frequent guest blogger who shared his inspirational poem on the Cancer Support Community website. To share your own story and be featured in the CSC blog, click here

At first we think memories are born within our minds
But when those tears begin to run on down our face
We feel the tenderness within our hearts and recall another time
A time where innocence hugged the horizon always falling in place

Cancer cannot steal our memories
as each heartbeat remembers a moment filled with smiles
and where the simple things like visiting a friend gave us butterflies
We reminisce with fondness those that shared with us a part of their lives
and like a melody to our favorite song we hum each verse to sooth our worries

Cancer cannot steal our memories
No matter how many cracks our heart endures
the momentary pause in between each beat
takes a baby step as it calms our fears
and whispers to us that our past was once a future

Cancer cannot steal our memories
To all of you who know someone where cancer rudely stormed into their lives
You can make a difference to your fellow survivors by comforting them in their journey
Each time an encouraging word or an offering of compassion gently arrives
It creates one more memory with its own unique story that can held for an eternity

-Heartofsoul  Steve