Ask Ruby: Financial Toxicity

July 16, 2020

Meet Ruby, your CSC cancer community navigator, here to answer your questions.  Have a concern of your own?  Please call our Cancer Support Helpline to talk with an experienced counselor or navigator.   888-793-9255


ASK RUBY about Managing Financial Toxicity
My budget was already tight but since being diagnosed with cancer, I need help with medical bills as well as my daily living expenses. Where can I go for help?


Dealing with cancer is challenging enough. The additional burden of high health care costs— often called “financial toxicity”— is scary. You may also be worried about your normal daily expenses, especially if you have to take time off from work. 

When you start cancer treatment, you receive a lot of financial information and bills that might be hard to understand. It’s tough to know what questions to ask and it can feel overwhelming to imagine how to pay for everything. 

While you’d rather focus on getting better, financial worries can make an already challenging situation even more difficult and stressful. 

The Cancer Support Community is here to help. Our Helpline can offer information, resources, and connect you to a financial navigator who can help you identify financial assistance programs.