Voices of Cancer

Cassie and her mom smile and embrace side by side outside on a patio
Read November 16, 2023

This Pageant Queen Is Shedding a Light on Cancer Caregiving

Caregivers can provide emotional and logistical support throughout a loved one’s cancer experience. Some caregivers do this while living hundreds of miles away from their loved one. During her reign as Miss District of Columbia USA 2023, Cassie Baloue has committed to bringing attention to this critical role and the importance of caregiver support. Here's her story.
Debbie with her father at a family event.
Read September 14, 2023

Depression, Suicide Risk, and Cancer: Studies Suggest We Have to Talk About It

Former CSC CEO Debbie Weir remembers her dad, who died by suicide after 3 years of cancer treatments, and reflects on the importance of highlighting National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Debbie also shares information about our free support resources for people impacted by cancer, as well as national mental health resources to help those in crisis or emotional distress.
Colorful umbrellas strung up in the sky
Read September 7, 2023

Erma’s Caregiver Story: The Extent of a Support System

Erma shares what she learned about caregiving through personal experience, including the importance of having a support network. “You start out in the beginning like, ‘Why me?" Erma reflected. "It’s not like life picked on you. Life just happened.” Keep reading to learn more about Erma's story.