A female doctor in a white lab coat rests a comforting hand on a patient's shoulder
Read July 12, 2024

Should I Get a Second Opinion?

If you’ve been newly diagnosed with cancer, getting a second opinion can help you choose the best doctor and treatment for you. Here's why.

Guía para cuidadores y pacientes de la terapia CAR T

sta guía está diseñada para pacientes adultos con cáncer y sus cuidadores que han sido remitidos a un centro oncológico que ofrece terapia con células CAR T. La terapia con células CAR T es un nuevo tipo de tratamiento contra el cáncer que puede ser una buena opción para algunos pacientes.
Middleweight boxing champion Daniel Jacobs interacts with a group of children
Read July 9, 2021

Bone Cancer Awareness Month

Daniel Jacobs is a 2-time middleweight world champion. This boxing pro is also a cancer survivor. July is Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Awareness Month, so recognizing Daniel’s story now seems fitting. It’s also an opportune time to talk about bone cancer, risk factors, and treatment options. Read on for more details.
A lab technician wearing a mask looks through a microscope
Read February 22, 2021

Advancing the Promise of Precision Medicine

In December 2020, CSC hosted a 3-day virtual summit on the topic of precision medicine. The summit was an action-oriented event focused on eliciting feedback from patients regarding CSC precision medicine education materials and educating the cancer community on the promise of precision medicine and the barriers and gaps that exist in ensuring access for all.