People of diverse races and genders rest their hands beside one another on a wooden table
Read August 4, 2021

Support for LGBTQ+ Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors in the LGBTQ+ community face unique challenges, and finding social connection and support is essential. Several Cancer Support Community affiliates offer support programming specifically for LGBTQ+ cancer survivors. We share a sampling of those offerings here.
A blue, white, and red badge designates the Digital Health Awards' Spring 2021 Winner
Read June 17, 2021

CSC Wins 8 Digital Health Awards

On June 4, the Cancer Support Community brought home an impressive 8 awards from the Spring 2021 Digital Health Awards. Building on past wins, these honors are a testament to our team’s quest to produce the gold standard in patient resources.
A women's silhouette shines against a sunny horizon as she raises her arms triumphantly in the air
Read June 12, 2021

5 Ways to Support Cancer Survivors

At the Cancer Support Community, we believe that community is stronger than cancer. Whether you have personally been affected by cancer or simply want to help others on their survivorship journeys, your support can make a positive difference. Here, we share 5 ways you can take action to help improve life for people impacted by cancer.
A girl gently holds a Monarch butterfly in her hands.
Read April 21, 2021

The Cancer Support Community Is Here for You

Cancer didn’t stop because of the pandemic, and neither did the Cancer Support Community. Our experienced Helpline staff is here to provide personalized support when and where it is needed most, because community is stronger than cancer.