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Read September 20, 2023

What We Can Learn From Jimmy Buffett’s Battle With Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Jimmy Buffett passed away September 1 after a 4-year battle with Merkel cell carcinoma. While many people around the world mourn the loss of the beloved singer-songwriter, Buffett's diagnosis is helping to bring more awareness to MCC. Here's what to know about this rare and aggressive type of non-melanoma skin cancer, and risk factors to watch for.
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Read September 14, 2023

Depression, Suicide Risk, and Cancer: Studies Suggest We Have to Talk About It

CSC CEO Debbie Weir remembers her dad, who died by suicide after 3 years of cancer treatments, and reflects on the importance of highlighting National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Debbie also shares information about our free support resources for people impacted by cancer, as well as national mental health resources to help those in crisis or emotional distress.
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Read September 7, 2023

Erma’s Caregiver Story: The Extent of a Support System

Erma shares what she learned about caregiving through personal experience, including the importance of having a support network. “You start out in the beginning like, ‘Why me?" Erma reflected. "It’s not like life picked on you. Life just happened.” Keep reading to learn more about Erma's story.
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Read July 28, 2023

How Support Groups Can Help After a Cancer Diagnosis

Support groups can help foster hope and resilience for patients, caregivers, and families after a cancer diagnosis. By coming together and sharing experiences, group participants also can help one another feel less alone. Is a support group right for you?
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Read May 24, 2023

The #1 Thing You Can Do to Prevent Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Practicing sun safety can help you reduce your risk. Here’s how to enjoy the great outdoors while protecting your skin. Plus: Skin cancer signs to look for, and what we can learn from a former U.S. president about the importance of early detection.
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Read April 21, 2023

Testicular Cancer Diagnosis? Start Here.

If you are facing a testicular cancer diagnosis, 3 key steps can help you gain control of your journey. Keep reading to discover more, and hear from a testicular cancer survivor about his own experience navigating his diagnosis and treatment.
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Read April 11, 2023

Don’t Go It Alone: Find Support as an AYA With Cancer

Young people face unique challenges in their cancer experience. As an AYA, having access to social and emotional support is critical. Keep reading to learn about common challenges AYAs may face, and discover support resources that can help.
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Read March 22, 2023

5 Ways Oncology Social Workers Can Help After a Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can feel like you’ve landed in uncharted territory with no map or GPS to guide you. That’s where oncology social workers can help. These compassionate professionals can help patients and their families cope with and navigate cancer. They can even help patients find solutions to unexpected challenges. Some might surprise you. Keep reading to discover 5 ways oncology social workers can help throughout the entire cancer experience.
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Read March 14, 2023

5 Women Who Helped Shape Cancer Care

Over the past few centuries, women have made significant contributions to advancing cancer care and cancer support. That includes women working in STEM fields like oncology, and in non-STEM fields too. We present 5 women who helped make a difference for patients and families impacted by cancer, each in their unique way.