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Read September 20, 2023

What We Can Learn From Jimmy Buffett’s Battle With Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Jimmy Buffett passed away September 1 after a 4-year battle with Merkel cell carcinoma. While many people around the world mourn the loss of the beloved singer-songwriter, Buffett's diagnosis is helping to bring more awareness to MCC. Here's what to know about this rare and aggressive type of non-melanoma skin cancer, and risk factors to watch for.
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Read February 24, 2022

Cancer Prevention: 5 Tips to Help Reduce Your Risk

While healthy lifestyle choices can’t guarantee the prevention of cancer, they can lower the risk of getting cancer. February is National Cancer Prevention Awareness Month, a great time to make sure you and your loved ones are taking steps to maintain good health now and year-round.
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Read February 10, 2022

Bile Duct Cancer: Let’s Talk Risk Factors, Treatment, and Support

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with bile duct cancer, there are educational and support resources available to help you cope. In recognition of Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month, we highlight key details about the disease, including resources to help you navigate a bile duct cancer diagnosis. Read on to learn more.
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Read November 21, 2022

Stomach Cancer: Let’s Talk Risk Factors, Treatment, and Support

Stomach cancer is much less common and much more treatable today thanks to improvements in public health, screening, and treatments. In recognition of Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, we share key things to know about the disease, including treatment options and support to help you navigate a stomach cancer diagnosis.
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Read November 18, 2021

Pancreatic Cancer: Let’s Talk Survivorship, Risk Factors, and Support

The signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer often don’t appear until it is advanced. As a result, it is seldom caught early. In recognition of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, we share key things to know about the disease, including resources and support to help you navigate a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.
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Read October 18, 2022

Liver Cancer Awareness: Let’s Talk Survivorship, Resources, & Support

Liver cancer is sometimes called the “silent disease.” It typically doesn’t cause signs or symptoms in its early stages. As a result, liver cancer is often diagnosed at a later stage. Read on as we share key things to know about the disease in recognition of Liver Cancer Awareness Month.
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Read October 6, 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness: Let’s Talk Screening, Survivorship & Support

In the United States, mammography has helped reduce breast cancer mortality by nearly 40% since 1990. Many women have shared their own stories about the key role routine screening played in their breast cancer diagnosis, leading to timely treatment. To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we share a few of those stories here. If you are living with breast cancer or are a caregiver to someone with breast cancer, we also share resources that can help ease the burden of your journey.
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Read September 7, 2022

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Let’s Talk Risk Factors, Testing, and Support

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among men. Men may find it a difficult topic to discuss with their healthcare providers and even with family and friends, but it’s an important conversation to have. There’s no better time than now, during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, to share facts about the disease.