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Support from a Distance

When a parent, sibling, relative, or friend has been diagnosed with cancer, and they don’t live with you, it is difficult to know how and when to get involved. You may not consider yourself to be a caregiver, but you likely care a great deal and want to help.

The term long-distance caregiver is often used for anyone who provides some form of physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, or logistical support to a person with a serious illness while living at a distance from the person needing care. If you find yourself in this position, resources and support are available to help you navigate the issues that arise from the point of diagnosis, through periods of treatment, to survivorship or the possibility of bereavement.


Comprehensive Caregiving Guide

Learn about providing support from a distance, including ways to navigate different stages of support from the point of diagnosis through periods of treatment, to survivorship or the possibility of bereavement.

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Reach Out for Support

Our Cancer Support Helpline provides free navigation for cancer patients, caregivers, and their families with a variety of needs — from getting information about cancer to just finding someone who is willing to listen.

Call Our Helpline at 888-793-9355
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Let's Talk About It

It's estimated that 7 million people in the United States are long-distance caregivers. Many of these people are family members of someone with cancer. In this podcast episode, we discuss common challenges when providing support from afar, unique ways long-distance caregivers can be helpful, and how to cope with the emotional impact of caregiving.

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Seeking Caregiver Voices

Are you a caregiver to someone living with cancer? Help inspire others in a similar role by sharing your story.

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