How to Stay Socially Active While Social Distancing

March 26, 2020

The spread of the Novel Coronavirus has brought the strategy of social distancing to prevent disease transmission to forefront of the world’s spotlight. To those facing cancer however, the idea of social distancing has always been an important aspect of cancer care, as many patients experience weakened immune systems as a result of their cancer treatment. While it’s vitally important to practice safe social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s also important that we continue to take care of our own physical and mental health during these trying times. An essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to practice healthy social and emotional interaction. With all the technology available to us today, safe social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stay socially isolated.

Below are a number of helpful tips we have compiled to help maintain a healthy social life while still practicing safe social distancing!

Share a virtual meal:

There are a large number of mobile and web-based applications that allow for video chat. We’ve listed some of the most popular and the advantages to each below. Pick your favorite and share a meal with friends anywhere in the world!

Skype: Skype can be accessed via any platform and can host up to 50 people on a single video call

Facetime: If you have an apple device you can currently use Facetime to make a call to as many as 32 people at one time. Screen space allocated to each user grows as they speak.

Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts can be accessed from any platform and can host a video call for up to 150 users. Google hangouts will automatically maximize the screen of whoever is currently talking on the call which is a nice

Zoom: You can use the Zoom from any platform to set up a group call for up to 100 participants. The call length for the free app is however limited to a maximum of 40 minutes.

HouseParty: A mobile and web application with an equally split screen that allows up to 8 users chat at the same time.

Have a movie night apart with Netflix Party

You can now watch tv and movies together with friends to while practicing safe social distancing from your own home. The new Netflix Party application on google chrome allows users to watch anything on Netflix together with a real time chat. All users need to add the extension to their Chrome web browser, and the host will share a link allowing friends to join, watch and chat.


Watch a virtual concert together

As live concerts across the globe have been canceled, a number of artists have taken to the internet to continue their tour. Recent virtual performers include John Legend and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Search for #togetherathome and #solidaritysessions on social media to find these concerts as they are announced!


Host a virtual game night with friends

There are a number of virtual game services available that allow you to join in with friends from anywhere in the world to play games together. You can take a modern twist with web-based group gaming apps like Jackbox or Exploding Kittens online or you can take a more classic approach with online board games like Yahtzee or Monopoly. Combine these platforms with a video call for an even better bonding experience!

Keep Your Friends & Family Informed & Involved with MyLifeLine

MyLifeLine was created to connect cancer patients and caregivers to their family, friends, and others like them for social and emotional support. Today, more than ever, we recognize how important community can be, and MyLifeLine is a fantastic way to stay connected with those you care about in one centralized platform while you may be unable to see them in person.


Facing a new health concern is always cause for increased stress and anxiety in life, but the inability to physically be with those we love shouldn’t prevent us from staying connected through these trying times. Whether you use these resources to plan an elaborate dinner and game night, or just for a quick catch up, we hope you find some comfort by using these creative new ways to keep in touch with the people who are important in your life.