Community Advocacy for You

October 26, 2016
Byron Goldstein

Getting involved in your community is one of the most rewarding ways to help people impacted by cancer. That’s why this past month, we’ve been talking about the different possibilities for becoming a community advocate. Let’s recap what we’ve discussed and what we can all do going forward to make sure that no one in our communities faces cancer alone.

The most direct way to help out is by volunteering with your local Cancer Support Community affiliate. There’s a variety of ways to get involved, from getting the word out about CSC through outreach all the way to providing office support in helping our affiliates focus on providing services. We have 44 licensed affiliates and 170 locations across the country which thrive due to the support of people who give their money and time to help people living with cancer and their caregivers.

Community advocacy is not restricted to your geographical community. It extends online to communities like our Cancer Experience Registry. On the Registry, you can relay to us and to others affected by cancer the struggles you face. We can use this information to improve our services and make sure people are getting care that hones in on their core quality-of-life issues. Additionally, the Registry serves as a platform to stay connected with other people at all stages of their cancer experience, learning from and supporting one another.

We also continued our 7-Day Advocacy Challenge series this month with a look at how to be an effective community advocate. We provided seven different suggestions on how to engage in community advocacy in the hopes that everyone can connect with at least some of them to get involved. Check out our 7-Day Community Advocacy Challenge wrap-up here.

We will finish our Many Faces of Advocacy campaign in November by looking at how to engage in policy advocacy at many different levels. This will include another 7-Day Challenge, so stay tuned on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow along.

We’ll also be posting a new blog here every week, including blogs discussing where the presidential candidates stand on important cancer issues and highlighting some of the cancer awareness months which fall in November. Thank you for coming along with us on this advocacy campaign and we look forward to continuing with you as we move forward!