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Liz Hiles
Read January 12, 2021

January Advocate Spotlight: Liz Hiles

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in cancer advocacy. Read on to learn more about Liz and the issues that she is most passionate about, including bladder cancer and ostomy awareness and education.
woman walking on path in sunlight
Read December 29, 2020

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Stay Strong & Carry On

With 2021 right around the corner, we'd like to share a few possible New Year’s resolutions for everyone affected by cancer. They might not all apply to you, but we hope they'll offer a reminder that you are not alone on your journey.
Danelle Johnston
Read December 14, 2020

December Advocate Spotlight: Danelle Johnston

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in health advocacy. Read on to learn more about Danelle, CSC’s new Senior Vice President of Mission Delivery.
CSC Digital Health Awards Winner fall 2020
Read December 10, 2020

CSC Receives 14 Honors at Fall Digital Health Awards

The Cancer Support Community took home 14 awards in the Fall 2020 Digital Health Awards—a testament to the outstanding resources CSC is committed to providing for cancer patients and their loved ones.
Adam Borden
Read November 16, 2020

November Advocate Spotlight: Adam R. Borden, MHA

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in health advocacy. Read on to learn more about Adam and his passion for early and equitable cancer detection. If you are interested in learning more about policy, advocacy, and ways to get involved, sign up to be a part of the Grassroots Network!
Read November 13, 2020

The Biden-Harris Transition and Cancer Patients

The Cancer Support Community (CSC) looks forward to working with the Biden-Harris Administration in a collaborative and transparent manner to put patients first. As such, CSC has created and shared with the Biden-Harris Administration a transition document that asks the incoming administration to consider a variety of recommendations and guiding principles in order to advance innovation, collaboration, and urgency in the fight against cancer, and protect and promote access to affordable and comprehensive health and cancer care.
group of women smiling and wearing breast cancer ribbons
Read October 7, 2020

Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, over 276,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Over 3.5 million breast cancer survivors (people who have ever been diagnosed with breast cancer) live in the U.S.
Read September 17, 2020

New Medicare Drug Rule Potential Impact on Cancer Patients

The White House recently released the Executive Order on Lowering Drug Prices by Putting America First. This Executive Order would create demonstration projects across the country through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation at the Department of Health and Human Services to test a requirement that Medicare pay the same price for prescription drugs as other countries. This includes all drugs, both Medicare Part B and Part D. CSC strongly supports, and has long advocated for, policies that improve access and affordability for cancer patients. Patients should have the right to determine the most appropriate therapies by engaging in a shared decision-making process with their providers.
Smiling family
Read August 19, 2020

2019 Annual Report

At the Cancer Support Community, we strive to provide the gold standard in patient care, and that priority comes with a commitment to innovation. As...
Downey family smiling
Read August 17, 2020

Advocate Spotlight: Kara Downey, MSW

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in health advocacy. Read on to learn more about Kara Downey, CSC’s new Program Manager, and her passion for addressing health disparities. If you are interested in learning more about policy, advocacy, and ways to get involved, sign up to be a part of the Grassroots Network.
Read June 12, 2020

Advocate Spotlight: Rachel Gerstenfeld

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in cancer advocacy. Read on to learn more about Rachel, a graduate student at the University of Maryland getting a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Health Policy. If you are interested in learning more about policy, advocacy, and ways to get involved, sign up to be a part of the Grassroots Network!
Read June 4, 2020

Statement of Affirmation in Support of Inclusion and Equality

At the Cancer Support Community, we recognize that we are facing extremely challenging times in our country due to the many layers of crisis and strife affecting our families, our communities and our nation. Both COVID-19 and the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor lay bare the racial inequities in our society and magnify very real systemic and institutional injustices.
Read June 3, 2020

CSC Counters COVID-19

Thanks to the generous support of individuals and corporate partners, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) has taken swift action to adapt and increase the availability of its free patient-focused support and navigation services during this unprecedented global public health challenge.
Read May 14, 2020

Helpline Hero Spotlight: Terri Bauer

This special series introduces you to our Helpline counselors and specialists, our frontline workers who are tirelessly assisting cancer patients and caregivers. They provide emotional support and navigation on finances, nutrition, referrals as well as challenges presented by COVID-19, including relief grants for financially distressed patients. In this entry meet Cancer Support Helpline Counselor Terri Bauer, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C.
Read May 11, 2020

Advocate Spotlight: Courtney Lozano

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in cancer advocacy. Read on to learn more about Courtney and her advice for people impacted by cancer during this anxiety provoking time. If you are interested in learning more about policy, advocacy, and ways to get involved, sign up to be a part of the Grassroots Network!
Read April 22, 2020

CSC’s Distress Screening Tool Shown to Benefit Patients and Caregivers

CSC’s Distress Screening Tool Shown to Benefit Patients and Caregivers The Cancer Support Community (CSC) recently spoke with Dr. William Dahut, Scientific Director for Clinical Research at the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Cancer Research, during our weekly radio show Frankly Speaking About Cancer. During the discussion, Dr. Dahut said, “Even though a lot of our time is focused on this horrible pandemic, I think it’s important that your listeners understand that we are still doing everything we can to improve the outcome for cancer patients.” We at CSC agree wholeheartedly with this statement and are likewise committed. Our team at The Research and Training Institute (RTI) recently presented findings on the benefits of using two versions of our CancerSupportSource®(CSS®) distress screening tool—one for caregivers and one for patients—at two major conferences to further this effort.
Read April 13, 2020

Advocate Spotlight: Avery Smith

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in cancer advocacy. Read on to learn more about Avery and her advice for others who are interested in becoming an advocate. If you are interested in learning more about policy, advocacy, and ways to get involved, sign up to be a part of the Grassroots Network!
Read March 27, 2020

An Inspirational Message from Dr. Jill Biden

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have have taken swift action to ensure patients and caregivers have access to our support and navigation services through digital channels and our toll-free Helpline. We are also fortunate to have many friends in the entertainment, sports, and advocacy sectors who have graciously agreed to send messages of hope to people affected by cancer. We are honored that Dr. Jill Biden, a longtime friend of our organization and passionate advocate for patients and families, delivered the first in what will be a series of messages, songs, and other expressions of inspiration.
Read March 26, 2020

How to Stay Socially Active While Social Distancing

The spread of the Novel Coronavirus has brought the strategy of social distancing to prevent disease transmission to forefront of the world’s spotlight. To those facing cancer however, the idea of social distancing has always been an important aspect of cancer care, as many patients experience weakened immune systems as a result of their cancer treatment. While it’s vitally important to practice safe social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s also important that we continue to take care of our own physical and mental health during these trying times. An essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to practice healthy social and emotional interaction. With all the technology available to us today, safe social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stay socially isolated.
Read March 11, 2020

Advocate Spotlight: Lauren Barnes

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in cancer advocacy. Read on to learn more about Lauren and her passion for ensuring that patients are able to afford and easily get the best treatment for their disease. If you are interested in learning more about policy, advocacy, and ways to get involved, sign up to be a part of the Grassroots Network!
Read March 3, 2020

Speaking up on Advocacy Day 2020: Meet Ben White

Advocacy Day will bring together passionate and determined advocates from across the country to speak out on behalf of all people living with a cancer diagnosis on March 4th. One of those advocates is Ben White, an early onset colorectal cancer survivor. He moved all the way from northern California to Washington DC to pursue a career in advocacy and now serves as Coordinator-Development at the Cancer Support Community’s DC headquarters. The day of action provides an opportunity for individuals to meet with their elected officials and staff on Capitol Hill to help ensure that the patient remains as the center of all policies and regulations related to healthcare.
Read March 3, 2020

Speaking up on Advocacy Day 2020: Meet Kelly Hendershot

On March 4th, 2020, the Cancer Support Community will bring together a group of dedicated and passionate advocates from around the country to meet with their elected officials and staff on Capitol Hill for Advocacy Day. One advocate is Kelly Hendershot a caregiver to her husband who died of brain cancer at the age of 30 and the Program Director of Gilda’s Club Quad Cities. She is traveling all the way from Iowa to be part of this day of action to help ensure that the patient remains at the center of all policies and regulations related to health care. We had the chance to catch up with Kelly before she started her journey to Washington, DC
Read January 15, 2020

Advocate Spotlight: Ben White

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in cancer advocacy. Read on to learn more about Ben, and how his cancer diagnosis led him to pursue a career in cancer advocacy. If you are interested in learning more about policy, advocacy, and ways to get involved, sign up to be a part of the Grassroots Network!
Read January 15, 2020

A Conversation with Patrick Dempsey on Cancer Care

CSC President Linda Bohannon sat down with actor and racecar driver Patrick Dempsey to discuss his work in cancer care, including The Dempsey Center, the importance of patient empowerment and more.
Read December 20, 2019

The Research and Training Institute’s 2019 Year in Review

To cap off a productive 2019, the RTI looks back at highlights from the past year. Many exciting things happened for the RTI in 2019 including the addition of new staff members to our wonderful team and settling into our new permanent home in Old City, Philadelphia. The team also remains committed to conducting psychosocial and behavioral research through survey development, scale validation, and patient-centered market research projects so that we can continue to inform the services and support that the Cancer Support Community provides to cancer patients, caregivers, and their families. Read on to see some of the milestones and highlights from the past year!
Read December 17, 2019

CSC’s Patient Resources Earn Record Number of Awards

In a remarkable week of award announcements, the Cancer Support Community received multiple accolades. MyLifeLine, its digital platform, and our publications, social media, and radio show were recognized for their outstanding quality.
Read November 15, 2019

Advocate Spotlight Update: Miranda Johnson

Each month, the Cancer Policy Institute profiles advocates who have been engaged in cancer advocacy. This month we caught up with Miranda Johnson, one of the very first CPI Advocate Spotlights and a longtime CSC advocate!
Read September 16, 2019

Wall Street Journal Story on Cancer Survivors Features CSC Patient’s Story

Today’s Wall Street Journal includes an in-depth story from Laura Landro examining the unique challenges facing cancer survivors. The article’s subheadline sums it up in one clear sentence: “As more patients are treated successfully, doctors and researchers are focusing more on helping people navigate the difficult, often lonely years after treatment.”
Read July 30, 2019

What Is the Link Between Obesity and Colorectal Cancer?

The adverse effects of obesity include conditions like type II diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. However, obesity has also been linked to the development of certain types of cancer, including colorectal cancer.
Read May 7, 2019

Thank you for supporting Jockeys, Juleps & Jazz

On May 4 in Denver, Colorado, the Cancer Support Community hosted 250 guests at our Kentucky Derby “Jockeys, Juleps & Jazz” event, an annual celebration at the Four Seasons Hotel to raise funds for our digital community platform, MyLifeLine. The festivities included a live jazz band, free-flowing mint juleps, silent & live auctions and live streaming of the fastest 2 minutes in sports on the big screens.
Read April 17, 2019

Thank you for serving as our Anchors of Hope

Last night in New York City, a beautiful evening at the Lighthouse in Chelsea Piers served as the backdrop of a moving and memorable Spring Celebration. The inspiring program brought to life our theme: Anchor of Hope. The anchor symbolizes the hope and safe harbor supporters like you enable us to offer patients and their loved ones at every stage of their cancer experience.
Read May 3, 2018

How Northwest Medical Specialties Helps Ensure No One Faces Cancer Alone

In January, with the generous financial support of the Barbara Bradley Baekgaard Family Foundation, Northwest Medical Specialties became a CSC health care partner. With six locations in Washington State, Northwest Medical Specialties is committed to providing world-class, holistic care to everyone who walks through their doors. The CSC Program Director at Northwest Medical Specialties is a social worker named Abra Kelson. We asked Abra a few questions about her experiences launching the CSC at Northwest Medical Specialties and how her programming will impact patients and caregivers in her community.
Read April 25, 2018

How Costly is Depression for Cancer Patients?

A recent study conducted by Mausbach et al. entitled “Healthcare Costs of Depression in Patients Diagnosed with Cancer” found that cancer patients with depression had total annual health care charges that were 113 percent higher than non-depressed cancer patients. For example, patients with depression had estimated average charges of $235,337 in comparison to the average charges of non-depressed patients, which totaled to $110,650.
Read April 2, 2018

The Support You Still Need: AYA Survivorship

April 1-7 marks Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week. Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer (AYAs) face a whole new set of fears after they’ve finished treatment. Check out our blog from a young adult cancer survivor to learn more about this population.
Read June 12, 2017

A Night with Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley

On May 31st, I had the absolute pleasure of watching Marin Mazzie sing these words during “Broadway & Beyond,” a night of powerhouse musical performances by Mazzie and her husband Jason Danieley.
Read March 1, 2017

This Moment in Cancer: How Researchers Are Putting The Body's Own Army To Work To Fight Cancer

This week we are excited to present an excerpt from This Moment in Cancer, a health blog at 90.9 WBUR—Boston’s NPR News Station. In the post by Karen Weintraub, “How Researchers Are Putting The Body's Own Army To Work To Fight Cancer,” chemotherapy as a cancer treatment option is discussed: Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are great at shrinking or cutting out tumors. But these approaches can miss cancer cells that then seed new tumors. That’s why researchers are increasingly pinning their hopes on a new treatment strategy
Read February 8, 2017

The Treatment Options of Today

One of the most exciting developing treatment options for cancer patients is immunotherapy. Because cancer cells are generated from our own cells, our immune system often has trouble discerning them from healthy cells. Immuno-oncology addresses this problem head-on, either by boosting the immune system generally to help it fight off cancer cells or by enabling the immune system to better distinguish cancer cells from healthy cells.
Read February 1, 2017

National Cancer Prevention Month

There are many factors which can cause cancer, not all of which are fully understood. Despite this uncertainty, we are aware of some ways to decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer. This February, as we recognize National Cancer Prevention Month, we’d like to share this knowledge about how to decrease the number of people diagnosed with cancer each year.
Read December 7, 2016

Serving Our Veterans

On this December 7th, we at the Cancer Support Community join with all Americans in thanking World War II veterans and all veterans for their service to our country as we renew our commitment to ensure that no one faces cancer alone.
Read December 21, 2016

Cousins for Carol

At the Cancer Support Community, we interact with many people who are looking to get involved but don’t know how. Volunteering with our affiliates is a great option and our most common answer, but there are a multitude of ways to help. This week, we’re highlighting Cousins for Carol, an organization founded to help people in the Philadelphia area who are affected by cancer. We asked Maria, one of Cousins for Carol’s founders, to tell us their story.
Read November 23, 2016

The Season of Giving

This Tuesday, November 29, as we transition from Thanksgiving break into the holiday season, we are celebrating another holiday: Giving Tuesday. Created in 2012 by the United Nations Foundation, Giving Tuesday is a new tradition that focuses on the ways we can all give back. At the Cancer Support Community, we’d like to take the opportunity created by Giving Tuesday to highlight some of the ways you can help us provide the best services possible to people affected by cancer.
Read November 9, 2016

Act Now: Making a Difference in Cancer Policy

This month, we’re continuing our Many Faces of Advocacy campaign by highlighting policy advocacy. Policy advocacy is probably what you first think of when you hear the word “advocacy.” A cancer policy advocate pushes for changes in government that will improve the lives of people affected by cancer. This can come in many forms, from writing a letter to your congressional representatives to spreading the word about important legislation using social media.
Read October 26, 2016

Community Advocacy for You

Getting involved in your community is one of the most rewarding ways to help people impacted by cancer. That’s why this past month, we’ve been talking about the different possibilities for becoming a community advocate. Let’s recap what we’ve discussed and what we can all do going forward to make sure that no one in our communities faces cancer alone.
Read November 2, 2016

Where the Candidates Stand on Cancer

With Election Day coming in less than a week, we’re taking the opportunity here at the Cancer Support Community to highlight where the presidential candidates stand on the cancer and health issues that matter to us. This is not meant to imply an endorsement or preference for any candidate but instead is an inexhaustive compilation of the candidates’ own words and actions on a topic which affects all Americans. We hope this stimulates discussion about the nonpartisan goal of improving cancer and health care policies nationally as well as at the local level.
Read September 28, 2016

The Art of Decision-Making

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been using our blog to help explain how to gather information and communicate effectively as a self-advocate. The culmination of this journey comes today as we explore how a self-advocate makes decisions.
Read September 14, 2016

The Power of Information: Self-Advocacy for Cancer Patients

We’re continuing our month-long spotlight on self-advocacy this week with a look at the most potent tool at a cancer patient’s disposal: information. No matter where you are in your cancer journey, self-advocating begins with seeking information and harnessing as much knowledge as you can.
Read August 31, 2016

The Many Faces of Advocacy

Each year, as summer turns into fall, the cancer community begins a period of awareness, as many cancer awareness months and observances occur in September, October and November. Here at the Cancer Support Community, we wanted to use this opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of advocacy for everyone touched by cancer. That’s why we’re launching our Many Faces of Advocacy campaign. Over the next three months, we will try to demystify advocacy and explain all the different ways anyone can be a cancer advocate.
Read July 20, 2016

Cancer Clinical Trials: The Search for Hope

This week's blog post features the story of two patients, Elisa and Bill. Elisa and Bill represent the people facing cancer who actively seek information about the treatments available for their cancer, who work as partners with their doctors and health care teams to make the best decisions about their care. They both made choices that involved dislocation, uncertainty and loss. They made these choices because the clinical trial represented something more important. They chose hope--hope for longer, better lives.
Read July 11, 2016

Who Gets to Define Value?

Today's blog post is by Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO of the Cancer Support Community. This blog post was also featured this month in the Huffington Post here, and you can read more of Kim’s Huffington Post blog posts here.
Read July 6, 2016

CSC at the Cancer Moonshot Summit

Last Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden hosted summits across the country and in Washington, D.C. to share progress about the Cancer Moonshot Initiative. Of the 100 summits hosted across the United States, 30 of them were hosted by Cancer Support Community Affiliate locations. To see photos from their Moonshot Summits, check out our Facebook album. At the summit in Washington, D.C., our own Kim Thiboldeaux had the honor of speaking just after Vice President Biden. In case you missed it, below is a portion of Kim's speech.
Read June 29, 2016

A Q&A with Award-Winning Photographer Rick Guidotti

This week’s blog post is a Q&A with award-winning photographer Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure. He recently partnered with Baxalta (now part of Shire) to launch an exhibit featuring the perspectives of people impacted by various types of rare cancer including those who have been diagnosed, their family and friends, advocacy organizations, and healthcare providers.
Read June 22, 2016

Cancer Clinical Trials: Getting Beyond the Myths

Right now, we are in an era of remarkable progress in understanding why and how cancers start and grow. Researchers are developing many new ways to treat cancers. In the last 10 years, targeted therapies and immunotherapy have opened the doors to real hope for longer, better lives--even cures--for people whose cancers could not be treated successfully.
Read June 15, 2016

Cancer and Aging: The Connection Between Two Life-Changing Events

This week's blog post is an excerpt from last month's Cancer Experience Registry newsletter. This excerpt is from an interview with Jimmie Holland, MD, Wayne E. Chapmen Chair of Psychiatric Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Dayle Friedman, Rabbi, Spiritual Consultant and Trainer at Growing Older: Wisdom + Spirit Beyond Midlife. This newsletter focused on the topic of cancer and aging.
Read June 9, 2016

Highlights from the 2016 Annual ASCO Meeting

Every year, more than 30,000 oncology professionals from all over the world, including Cancer Support Community leaders come together at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago to discuss new innovations and confront current challenges in the field of oncology. A highlight of this year's meeting was a panel discussion featuring CSC CEO Kim Thiboldeaux.
Read May 11, 2016

Hope: What Motivates Us to Go Forward

"By definition," Lillie Shockney says, "hope is something in the future, something that motivates us to go forward in some manner. When someone is facing cancer, it's important from the outset to learn what that person's life goals and hopes are and to think about whether these hopes can be fulfilled. Are they realistic? Sometimes, you have to step back and take a different path."
Read April 20, 2016

Be Here Now: A Q&A with Director Lilibet Foster

This week's blog post is a Q&A with Academy Award nominee Lilibet Foster. Lilibet is the director of the documentary film Be Here Now (The Andy Whitfield Story), released this Spring. Be Here Now follows the story of actor Andy Whitfield, his wife Vashti and their family as they embrace life rather than fear after Andy is diagnosed with cancer. Watch the trailer here, and learn more about how you can screen the film in your community here.
Read April 6, 2016

A Q&A with Broadway's Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley: Part 1

This week’s blog post is part 1 in a Q&A series with Broadway stars and couple Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley. Marin and Jason will be honored with the Founders Award for Empowerment at CSC’s Spring Celebration next Thursday.
Read March 30, 2016

Exploring Health Disparities in Cancer-Related Distress

Anyone who faces a cancer diagnosis is at risk for experiencing an elevated risk of distress. A study by the Cancer Experience Registry of the Cancer Support Community provides convincing evidence that culture can have a powerful impact on the type and degree of that distress.
Read March 3, 2016

The Caregiver's Perspective

This week’s blog post is from the Cancer Experience Registry February newsletter. This newsletter focused on the cancer experience from the caregiver’s perspective.
Read December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays from the Cancer Support Community

The Cancer Support Community family wishes you and your loved ones a very joyous holiday! Please note that our Cancer Support Helpline will be closed on Christmas Eve (12/24), Christmas Day (12/25), New Year’s Eve (12/31) and New Year’s Day (1/1). If you are experiencing an emergency at that time, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Happy Holidays!
Read October 9, 2013

In recognition of breast cancer awareness month

Each year, 1 in 8 U.S. women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and about 1 in 1000 U.S. men are diagnosed. During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to ensure that everyone touched by cancer knows about all of the programs and services we offer, all free of charge. Additionally, in recognition of this awareness month, the Cancer Support Community is offering both new and ongoing programs and services for those affected specifically by breast cancer.
Read October 2, 2013

Meet Broadway Star and Cancer Support Community supporter, Lindsay Mendez

What if you had the chance to get up close and personal with Broadway star Lindsay Mendez? On Monday, October 7th, the singing sensation from Wicked will be performing a private concert in Philadelphia to benefit the Cancer Support Community, and we want to make sure that you have a ticket! To get you even more excited for this fabulous event, we asked Lindsay a few questions about her story and her relationship with the Cancer Support Community.
Read September 18, 2013

Meet Laura, a Cancer Support Helpline Counselor

Newly diagnosed and don’t know where to turn? Longtime survivor and looking for new resources? The toll-free Cancer Support Helpline (1-888-793-9355) is available to help you navigate your cancer journey. Professionals like Laura, one of our call center counselors, are equipped to help you find the support you need! We asked Laura a few questions so that our readers can learn more about her story and how the Cancer Support Helpline may be helpful for them.
Read December 16, 2015

10 Things You Should Do If You are Diagnosed with Cancer

This week’s blog post is by Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO of the Cancer Support Community. This blog post also appears this month in the Huffington Post, and you can read more of Kim’s Huffington Post blog posts here.
Read January 6, 2016

When it’s Time for a Second Opinion

Hearing you have cancer can be shocking. And it’s perfectly reasonable to want to take action and begin treatment right away. However, taking your time can have several advantages, including having the opportunity to evaluate options and seek other opinions.
Read August 19, 2015

How Do Patients Define Value in Cancer Care?

In a time when the price tag on health care continues to rise, and more of the cost burden is being shifted to patients, there is a crucial conversation taking place in the cancer world about how value is defined. It led us at the Cancer Support Community to ask – do patients define value the same way as the health care system? And we sought to get answers by first asking the experts- the patients themselves- a single question: “When considering your cancer experience, how do you define value?” Thousands answered by participating in our Cancer Experience Registry, a panel of cancer patients. The data was so compelling that we launched additional registries for specific cancers, starting with metastatic breast cancer “mbc”. While there are some consistent themes across the various diagnoses, people with different kinds of cancer have issues that are more specific, or even unique to their diseases. At the same time, we researched traditional definitions of value in health care so that we could compare them with the definitions put forward by people with mbc. The disconnect between the two was staggering – but maybe not surprising.
Read October 28, 2015

Do Awareness Months Work?

Recently, a friend confessed to experiencing cancer awareness month fatigue. For weeks now, her Facebook news feed and Twitter updates were filled with one cancer reminder after the other. She felt completely overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of cancers and bombarded by the amount of related information. Given my field of work, she felt guilty about even raising the issue, but she felt compelled to ask me: “Tell me the truth, Kim. Does it make a difference? Does it actually help?”
Read November 11, 2015

Understanding the Prostate Cancer Experience

It seems to be accepted as “fact” that men with prostate cancer don’t want to talk about their condition. Everyone knows that guys don’t want or need emotional support—that they usually choose to go it alone. But…is that really true?
Read December 9, 2015

What President Carter’s Announcement Teaches Us about Immunotherapy

This week, President Jimmy Carter announced he has been declared N.E.D (No Evidence of Disease) after undergoing treatment for metastatic melanoma, which was diagnosed in August of this year. President Carter credits this happy announcement to an immunotherapy treatment he received. Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to control cancer. Here’s what we know about this exciting new treatment option and how it works.