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Thursday, July 11, 2013

If sharing your cancer journey could enhance the lives of others, would you help?

I keep hearing that people who have been diagnosed with cancer want to give back. They want to “pay it forward” so that the next person who is diagnosed with their disease will have a better experience than they had. I always think to myself – how selfless! We want to give back to you, too.

There seems to be so much survey research these days. An organization asks you to answer a questionnaire and then you never hear about it again. We wanted the Cancer Experience Registry to be so much more than a survey, so we created something we call Explore Responses where you can do just that – explore the responses of other people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Do you find yourself wondering if others in your situation feel the same way or have the same concerns? You can see how others answered the same questions. After registering and completing the questionnaire, you will gain access to this tool where YOU are the first to see the results.

We’ve already heard some amazing feedback from our members:

“Speak freely about what you’re going through with others. Cancer is not a dirty word. The more open you are about it, the better your loved ones can support you.”

“You have just become a member of a very special group of people that no one ever wants to join. It can be a long, hard journey, but we are here to help you through in any way we can.”

“Stay strong and be vocal about your needs. People want to help you.”

This is your registry and we need you to help it grow. Encourage your friends, family, or doctor to join and answer questions and to tell others to do the same. What questions do you think we should ask? What would you like us to provide in return? Email us with suggestions, questions, or comments at registry@cancersupportcommunity.org. If you’re not a member already, join today at www.CancerExperienceRegistry.org.

Cancer Emergency Fund

The Cancer Support Community’s Cancer Emergency Fund provides financial assistance and support to individuals living with cancer who may be struggling with financial hardships.

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