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When Cancer Comes to Work

An Employee Benefit Solution

When Cancer Comes to Work® is CSC’s comprehensive, interactive, and responsive program which enables employees and their immediate families (defined as spouses, children, and parents) to tap into CSC’s extensive professionally facilitated support, education, and resources.

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When Cancer Comes to Work helps your employees impacted by cancer and can lower your workforce attrition rate. 

Cancer Care by the Numbers

$264 billion

Cancer care cost to US employers on medical care and lost time

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20.3 million

# of cancer survivors in the next 5 years (from 15.5 million)

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Cancer survivors expected to return to work

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when cancer comes to work: an employee benefit solution


Multiple studies have shown that organizations with highly effective benefit programs reported significantly lower voluntary attrition. To meet the demands of today’s workforce, companies need to provide high-touch employee benefits particularly for those employees impacted by cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Through this program, employees can receive resources including:

  • Personalized executive navigation and support
  • Proactive employee navigation and support
  • Multilevel leadership workshops and consultation
  • Team education
  • One-on-one support focused on treatment options, clinical trials, and other important decisions
  • Introduction to resources including on-site or virtual launch event
  • Themed engagement resources and reporting
  • Dedicated success coordinator


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