How to File for Unemployment Benefits

March 19, 2021 Run Time: 2 min

ASK RUBY: How Do I File for Unemployment Benefits?


If you were let go by your employer or had your hours reduced at your job, you can file for unemployment benefits to make up for some of your lost income. Unemployment insurance is a state-run program. States further define their specific eligibility requirements. You usually qualify if you're unemployed through no fault of your own, meaning you're unemployed or have had your hours reduced due to a lack of available work at your place of employment. 

You can file for unemployment benefits online, in-person, or by phone, depending on your state. Unemployment benefits last up to 30 weeks; this time varies by state.

Remember that this is only partial income replacement. The amount you receive in benefits depends on how much money you made at your last job, but unemployment benefits can help you meet some of your financial needs. Check if you're eligible for unemployment insurance, and file a claim in your state by visiting your state's unemployment insurance program website. 


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