Ask Ruby: Finding Insurance Navigation

July 16, 2020

Meet Ruby, your CSC cancer community navigator, here to answer your questions.  Have a concern of your own?  Please call our Cancer Support Helpline to talk with an experienced counselor or navigator.   888-793-9255

ASK RUBY about Finding Insurance Navigation
I have cancer and I was just laid off. I’ve lost my health insurance and I don’t know what I can afford or where to even start to look. What do I do next?


Losing your health insurance is scary, especially when you are living with, or at risk for, cancer. It can be hard to know where to start looking for new insurance and you might be worried about how you will pay for it. 

The Cancer Support Community is here to support you as you navigate your options. This might include purchasing insurance from a health care exchange; determining if you qualify for a government program such as Medicaid or Medicare; navigating what is called COBRA, which allows you to pay for the same insurance you had while you were employed; and other potential options you might have. 

Our Helpline community navigators can also help you with questions about the cost of cancer care and connect you with a financial navigator.