Immunotherapy Side Effects Quick Guide

If you or your loved one is interested in immunotherapy, it is important to know about the possible side effects of immunotherapy treatments. Immunotherapy side effects are generally different from the side effects of other cancer treatments, like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Some immunotherapy side effects may occur right away. Others may not occur for days, weeks, or months after treatment. Every cancer patient receiving immunotherapy should talk to their doctor about possible side effects. Watch this 10-minute guide to learn more. 

Immunotherapy Overview Quick Guide

Cancer patients and their loved ones may start hearing more about immunotherapy treatments. These treatments use the body’s natural defense system (called the immune system) to help fight cancer. Immunotherapy treatments can use lots of different ways to attack cancer cells. This eLearning guide will explain what immunotherapy is and how it works. The guide covers 8 common types of immunotherapy treatments and how each treatment works in different ways with your immune system to fight cancer. Watch this 12-minute guide to learn more.