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New Ways of Managing Cancer Care: What They Mean for You Quick Guide

New Ways of Managing Cancer Care: What they Mean for You

Cancer care is changing, and there are five new models for cancer care: cancer treatment guidelines, clinical pathways, bundled payments, accountable care organizations and oncology medical homes. Learn more about how these new models can improve your life by watching this 11-minute quick guide.

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Read August 27, 2020

Exam Room Conversations – Finding Your Voice

My uncle, a former Massachusetts physical education teacher and football coach, had a tough exterior and an authoritative air – personality features that served him...
Read March 26, 2019

Introducing VOICE™: A New Tool to Capture the Patient Perspective

On March 22nd, 2019 the Research and Training Institute (RTI) presented findings from two studies at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. Below is a post from the research team about the significance of their findings from one study for people diagnosed with cancer, their families, and cancer care providers.
Read September 28, 2018

Amplifying the Patient Voice in Cancer Care

In cancer care, goals should be informed by what the patient considers to be most important. This is why our team at the Research and Training Institute is developing a new tool that can be used to measure what really matters to patients- Valued Outcomes in the Cancer Experience (VOICE™).
Read September 7, 2016

Defining Self-Advocacy

What does it mean to be a self-advocate? When we think of an advocate, we generally think of someone who is publicly supporting some policy or cause. So, how can you be an advocate for yourself? This week’s blog post kicks off a series of posts about how to become a self-advocate. Learn more about what self-advocacy means and find out how you can begin to advocate for yourself.
Read July 11, 2016

Who Gets to Define Value?

Today's blog post is by Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO of the Cancer Support Community. This blog post was also featured this month in the Huffington Post here, and you can read more of Kim’s Huffington Post blog posts here.
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Listen January 21, 2014

Patient Navigation in the Cancer Experience

What is patient navigation? Cancer Support Community guest host Linda House discusses this topic with Lillie Shockney, a registered nurse and an expert on patient...
Read November 5, 2014

Delivering on Patient-Centered Care

Patient centered care, i.e., putting the patient at the center of his or her care. I think about this a lot. What does it really mean? What is the disconnect? Is it achievable? How do we prepare patients and their families? How do we prepare health care professionals?